a page with an index of posts on musical analysis--guitar sonatas and contrapuntal music for guitar and other musical stuff

This blog goes back to 2006 and along the way I've blogged a bit about music.

The music blogging here tends to focus on sonatas for guitar, fugues for guitar, chamber music involving the guitar and other assorted topics.  I like fugues and I like counterpoint. I also like sonata forms and am interested in sonata forms in the guitar literature.

Back around 2015 I wrote a lengthy series of blog posts analyzing sonata movements from the early 19th century guitarist composers Diabelli, Molitor, Matiegka, Giuliani and Sor. There are 22 posts in that series as a whole and there are tags for each of the composers.



For posts more generally about guitar and sonata form, which will include the above in the tag.


I've got a post about Leo Brouwer's Fuga.

Another thing I've written about is the writings of John Borstlap in general and his book The Classical Revolution in particular.


I've blogged about ragtime a little bit.

This has included noting similarities between the reception history of jazz and ragtime and the reception history of rap.


A more esoteric, theory-laden thesis is

On the possibilities of spatial-temporal correspondence between the syntactics of ragtime and sonata forms

I'm refining that one as of early 2019.

For more general musical analysis not organized by sub-topics ...


Lest the tags give you the impression that it's all classical guitar blogging from the look of this page, that's not how it is.  I've had fun writing a few thousand words-ish on a Stevie Wonder song, for instance.


One of my soap boxes is my conviction that  music education has amplified rather than diminished a fracture between "high" and "low" musical arts.  I'm interested in composition and music theorizing and analysis that can be put towards the end of reducing that distance.  I write as a classical guitarist but I played in an aspiring prog rock band for many years and have some affection for early blues and jazz and some country (Johnny Cash, Hank Williams Sr. in particular).  So when this blog is about music it's not "always" going to be about what people might call classical music but that "is" a pretty dominant topic.

So ... I also have a tagged series of posts discussing at least some (and I hope, eventually, all) of Nikita Koshkin's 24 preludes and fugues for solo guitar.

Here is a review of a book on music by Roger Scruton that is up at Mere Orthodoxy

This page is going to get updated and modified as new material gets completed.  To get a clearer sense of what stuff is incubating that hasn't quite made it to the point where it's tagged and shows up on this page the main page/blog is the place to go.

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