Thursday, May 09, 2019

Driscoll is working on the resurgence of The Resurgence

Since Driscoll seems to have gotten most of the intellectual property that was associated with the former Mars Hill during its period of dissolution this isn't particularly surprising.  Driscoll is working on the resurgence of The Resurgence, which is a reminder that I was going to read A Call to Resurgence before getting to Spirit-Filled Jesus.

Whether this new The Resurgence will bring back his old materials about Oprah as a cult leader (possibly the more ironically themed post in light of the last years of Mars Hill and what has been written about his leadership style in the past), his response to the Ted Haggard controversy, his post on Adriana Lima as the naked virgin Catholic model, or on Jenna Jameson, remains to be seen.   Possibly, those posts won't be part of the resurgence of The Resurgence.  Whether Driscoll will bring back John Catanzaro's contributions to The Resurgence is also an open question. Whatever form the resurgent The Resurgence takes it will probably have to be refurbished.