Saturday, July 25, 2020

Warren Throckmorton has had conversations with Dave Bruskas and Sutton Turner, slated for publication 7-28-20 and 7-30-20

Since the closure of Mars Hill Church Dave Bruskas and Sutton Turner have come around to a new perspective on their time at Mars Hill.  I've blogged about the eight-part series they did on Older Pastor, Younger Pastor earlier this year.  Perhaps a bigger sign that Bruskas and Turner are open to talking about MHC and reaching out to people might be that they've recently agreed to have on record conversations with Warren Throckmorton, who has announced that he's talked with them and will be publishing the conversations soon.  Direct link after the break.

David del Puerto Guitar Sonata no.1, performed by Jeremy Bass

movement 1
movement 2
movement 3
movement 4

Friday, July 24, 2020

three poems about music (two watered down acid and one pure acid)

Taupin and John wrote
a famous long song based on
"Insert your name here"

Each day the radio plays "Let it Be"
and I find myself asking "Must it Be?"
The answer to this cannot be a shock.
The Beatles are the Beethoven of Rock.
The only answer there can ever be
is to say that "It must be!  It must be!"

Train is what you get
if the Spin Doctors did a
Counting Crows cover

The first two poems are about music that I think has been oversold but still basically holds up on repeated listenings.  The last poem is about three bands whose music I loathe.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Julia Duin at GetReligion on Nina Shapiro's recent Seattle Times coverage of evangelicalism and race in the Puget Sound

I was surprised to see a story in the Seattle Times about evangelicals saying ‘we repent’ about racism, mainly because the writer isn’t known for her coverage of people of faith and the newspaper hasn’t exactly been burning the midnight oil on religion news.
Especially anything having to do with evangelicals.  
So I was surprised to see how this story hit up a lot of the major players in the region on this issue. It’s as if someone in the newsroom discovered a long-disused Rolodex of religion sources and actually used it. In the five years I’ve lived here and been reading the Times regularly, I’ve never seen any of these folks — black or white — quoted before.