Saturday, October 03, 2020

John Ahern's Theses on Church Music and Economics, some semi-organized thoughts

There aren't 95, for those fearing an evocation of Luther, there are just 31!

I won't be mulling over all of them or in great deal since it's the weekend and this is the internet but I got to wondering something as early as Thesis 1.

Samara Ginsberg plays the theme for Airwolf on 8 cellos

So I watched the show as a kid and I remember the theme song being pretty good.  1980s shows may not have aged well in terms of production or writing or acting or ... but, anyway, the 1980s was a veritable golden age of opening theme songs. :)  Ginsberg also tackled the opening theme songs for Knight Rider and Thundercats.  Yep, a lot of my childhood comes back with those theme songs. 

Thursday, October 01, 2020

Six Miniatures for Guitar & Bass by Harriet Steinke

While music for guitar and doublebass is an esoteric niche that reality means that there are new pieces to discover when you go looking for new works for this ensemble.  Harriet Steinke's Six Miniatures for Guitar and Bass is worth checking out, for instance, and I only discovered it this week.

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Annette Kruisbrink--Alamanda for guitar solo and plectrum orchestra

I've linked to performances of Kruisbrink's compositions over the years and still hope one day to discuss her chamber music for double bass and guitar as I think that Cirex and Five Dances should form the foundation of any canon of repertoire (pedagogical or repertoire) for these two instruments.

a haiku for 9-30-2020 in the United States

 Abraham Simpson

debating Eric Cartman

is what we're stuck with