Tuesday, August 24, 2021

a little dormancy is likely

besides the podcasts (let the reader understand) I have been reading a bit and a pile of books by Mark Evan Bonds and Daniel K L Chua on Beethoven veneration is something I want to get to writing about but that is going to be work.  

I'm tempted to write about deBoer's recent bit about cultural appropriation as a springboard for finally discussing Randall J Stephens' The Devil's Music.  It might not be a surprise that an atheist would not quite land a case that Gospel was white music before it was black music.  That's not the best way to put it. A better way to put it would be Mahalia Jackson's remark that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the same whether Thomas Dorsey put a little bounce into it or not; which was to say that whites and blacks and peoples of every skin color who have Jesus in common can share diverse styles of music.  Randall Stephens' case has been that when we see that the pioneers of early rock ranging from Sister Tharpe through Little Richard, Franklin, Cash, Presley, Lewis and others were all Pentecostals (however bad they were as Pentecostals) then what might be regarded as cultural appropriation along rigidly racial lines was anything but cultural appropriation for Pentecostals who shared ulta-low storefront church liturgical traditions across color lines.  That's a sticking point for me because I grew up Pentecostal and also because I'm the child of an inter-racial marriage (American Indian dad and white mom).  But I am not feeling inspired to write a ton lately. 

I have been thinking I need to get back to writing about animation again at some point.  That Evangelion sequel/reboot was a reminder that Neon Genesis Evangelion remains, to me, one of the most over-hyped anime in the history of anime.  The end of the fourth film was maybe supposed to be a big deal but instead of Beethoven's 9th choral movement I would have sooner had Rick Astley's "Together Forever".  When we're finally shown what Gendo Ikari's motives and aims are, hey, he chose to move heaven and earth to be with his lost wife, right?  That's pretext enough to rickroll the end of Evangelion.  :)  Anno has been exploring the franchise for decades and yet what he's come up with keeps falling short of, oh, Kon, whose Paprika is both weirder and more poignant than anything I've seen in the Evangelion franchise.  Gendo Ikari referencing the Dead Sea Scrolls, uh, nope.  Behind all the blender-ized mysticism explosions shaped like crosses ends up being Michael Bay level trope and nobody would fall for it if Michael Bay had explosions turn into yin and yang symbols, would they?  So my brother remarked long ago and it seemed worth repeating here.  But I don't have the energy mustered up to write about that at much length, either.

I'll try to get back to writing about the podcast series but I'm feeling lethargic at the level of writing these days.  Plus I might have a chance to go back and update my Matiegka analyses from Op. 31 to include score analysis.  So, there you go.  I've written an awful lot at this blog since 2006 but sometimes energy flags where inspiration doesn't.