Thursday, July 01, 2021

Warren Throckmorton published a statement from former MHC pastor Andrew Lisi, whose departure from the U District campus was (sort of) documented here around March 2014 (now with better linkage)

Warren Throckmorton has published the following:

Andrew Lisi was involved at Mars Hill Church from December 2011 to March, 2014. During that time, he was an Executive Pastor, Community Groups Pastor and Biblical Living Pastor at three different campus churches (Downtown, U-District and West Seatte). When Andrew resigned, allegations of pastoral abuse and wrongdoing had started to surface against lead pastor Mark Driscoll.

Andrew recently reached out to me with a letter of concern he wrote to the Executive Elders of Mars Hill Church at the time of his resignation (Dave Bruskas, Sutton Turner, and Mark Driscoll). The letter expressed many of his reasons for leaving. He contacted me in response to the recent reports from former members of The Trinity Church in Phoenix. Andrew sees The Trinity Church reports as history repeating itself. He also hopes to raise awareness about the fact that the investigating board of elders at Mars Hill declared Mark Driscoll to be disqualified from ministry in 2014. Driscoll first agreed to undergo a restoration process but abruptly quit before he started it.   ...

For those who want to read the full March 2, 2014 letter Andrew Lisi wrote, go here

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

a question for the readers: Is Mark Driscoll still affiliated with A. Larry Ross Communications?

This might be something only a handful of my readers would be interested in, but brad/futuristguy will probably find this question interesting, and some other readers.

I noted back in 2018 that Mark Driscoll was affiliated with A. Larry Ross Communications.

But ... it doesn't seem as though there's any connection between Driscoll and A. Larry Ross Communications that I can easily find these days.  There's no mention of Driscoll in Thought Leaders lately. To be fair, it's hard to really think of Mark Driscoll as a thought leader of any kind since his plagiarism controversy, but there were reasons to doubt he was a thought leader far earlier.  The Trinity Church doesn't show up in the Ministries tab, either.

It's as though there's no longer a connection, and perhaps has not been one, between Mark Driscoll and A. Larry Ross Communications since possibly around the publication date of Win Your War.  Is this the case?

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

GetReligion has a survey of recent coverage about mass graves at indigenous boarding schools in Canada, some brief thoughts on how some monergists who affirm original sin in the US are eager to avoid the CRT questions about corporate guilt even being a possibility

I admit up front that for a lazy sort of reading this could seem like pure trolling.  Regular readers will understand that's not what I intend but I mention this caveat up front because the temptation to soundbite or skim can be strong where blogs are concerned.

For 120 years, Canada took Indigenous children from their families and forced them into residential schools run by Christian denominations — a practice that didn’t end until 1996.

Now, the discoveries of hundreds of unmarked graves at two former residential schools have rocked America’s northern neighbor, and the aftershocks have spread to the U.S.

Last month, the Tk’eml├║ps te Secwépemc First Nation announced that it had found the remains of 215 children near the former Kamloops Indian Residential School in British Columbia. And this week, the Cowessess First Nation reported locating more than 600 unmarked graves at the former Marieval Indian Residential School in Saskatchewan.

The discoveries have brought a national reckoning over what Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau characterizes as “a dark and shameful chapter” of the nation’s history.

“I’m ashamed as a White Christian. I’m ashamed of what we did,” Kevin Vance, a minister in Regina, Saskatchewan, told me earlier this month. “I’m ashamed of all the racism and genocide that we concocted and that we did it in the name of Jesus. That’s just unbelievable to me.”

But the dark history isn’t limited to Canada: The news there “has magnified interest in the troubling legacy both in Canada and the United States,” according to The Associated Press.

There's more, of course, but that introduction will suffice to cover the basics of who did what  to whom, where they did it, and why.

Alan Jacobs concedes his stab at a history of critical theory wasn't so great but that Alexander Stern does a good job of explaining the actual Adorno vs. the imaginary Adorno conservatives think they're refuting

I'm not ... too hugely shocked that Alan Jacobs concluded his attempt to provide a history of critical theory wasn't as good or clear as it could have been.  

I have written about the inept history linking the Frankfurt School to contemporary social-justice movements, but not in the kind of compelling detail that Stern offers here. 
So he points us in the direction of Alexander Stern's essay "Critical Theory and the Newest Left".

Nathan Robinson's explanation for how Piers Morgan has become a vocational troll has reminded me that there are men in the celebrity Christian scenes like Mark Driscoll and Doug Wilson (or also Nadia Bolz-Weber sometimes) who have done the same basic thing

Over at Current Affairs Nathan Robinson has sounded off on the Piers Morgan way to make a career for yourself by being a troll:

Over at Current Affairs Nathan Robinson has sounded off on the Piers Morgan way to make a career for yourself by being a troll:

In fact, Morgan’s career offers a useful lesson on how to flourish as a public figure, provided you don’t mind causing large numbers of strangers to fantasize about committing “countryside.” Here is the plan: 

  1. Say things specifically calculated to irritate people.
  2. When they are irritated and say so, accuse them of trying to “cancel” you.
  3. Hurl insults at them, and when they hurl insults back, tut at their rudeness and lament the decline of civil discourse. 
  4. Write a best-selling book about how free speech is dead. 

I once tried to devise a sentence that would capture the essence of the problem with every anti-political correctness commentator. The one I came up with was this:

“Why can’t these noisy morons be polite and listen?” he shouted with his fingers in his ears. 

The first rule of complainers about cancel culture is that they plead for civility and reasonableness while being distinctly uncivil and unreasonable themselves.  …