Tuesday, August 08, 2006

8 studies in harmonics by Van Der Staak

Got them in the mail yesterday. Indie obsessives can gripe all they like but for Americans on a budget Guitare Diffusion is great! There's a bit less in the way of harmonics than I had expected but "Clockwork Lullaby" is a darling little exercise. I'll admit that I'm somewhat biased in favor of my own recently finished set of six studies in harmonics (and those of you in cyberspace who saw my random posts on that may know what of I speak).

You know I keep forgetting to write more about Tamulionis. I need to fix that.

George Rochberg

I hae only heard the string quartets composed for the Concord string quartet (I think). The pieces are okay, I guess. Truth to tell I'm not entiely sure what to make of them. The moxie and emotional honesty to recognize serialism or atonality as it was in the 1970s was a dead end is braev, to be sue, but the music doesn't quite draw me in the way Part's does or Penderecki's. I'm not entirely sue why. I suppose compaed to Conelius Cardew or Milton Babit ochbeg is WAAAAAY moe interesting to listen to.

But lately I'm starting to listen to Messiaen's recordings of his own organ music. I've also picked up Helene Grimaud's CD of Gershwin and Ravel's piano concerti. A friend of mine from college somewhat guiltily said Helene is a pretty great pianist ... for a girl. She explained to me that women pianists tend to wilt on music where they need to play like pile drivers and that Grimaud doesn't shrink back when the music demands that she hammer the ivories ... like Bartok. :) Boulez conducted the thre Bartok piano concerti for DG just last year, I think, and it's a fun CD to revisit.

One of my sometime associates has said it well, I guess. I like music that is "really new" or "really old". I think I like eally old music that was looking ahead about as much as newer music that has a grasp of the past (which is not to say enslaved by it).

Back to Rochberg. I'm thinking of studying him a little bit ut I may not manage to get around to it.


An ambling autonomous amber
Beattle builds baricades by
Carefully collecting chopped celery.
Desperate disheveled dogs despondently
Enter every emasculated evening
Forlornly facing fearful Fate.
Gone, grateful gorillas, gone!
How helpless humans hate
Isolation! In inimitable intimations
Jaundiced Justice jostles joylessly,
Killing katydids, krill, kestrels;
Lashing lost labradors like
Mightless musty mites malformed.
Now new Nero never
Opens obsidion obolisks over
Prolonged protean propellers, pulsing,
Quill-like; quintessential quail quote
Rhyming restless rubbery rats.
So sing solemn sailors,
Tearing taupe tuxedos taken
Upon unctious undulating urethane
Vibrating voles vibrantly vaulting
Wilting wolves where wildly
Xerxes' `xasperating xylophone Xenon's
Yellow yolk yelps "Yippee!
Zipping zippers zag zestfully!"

I know, it means nothing and it's not a particularly good poem but I spent a month on this thing off and on and finished a good chunk of it in the realm of the WESTERN meadowlark.