Monday, August 16, 2021

Warren Throckmorton officially asks "Did Mark Driscoll Get Me Kicked Off Patheos?"

On May 21 2018, I received an email from COO of Patheos Jeremy McGee that I no longer met the “strategic objectives” of Patheos and therefore would be removed as a blogger from the site. Recently I learned from more than one former staff member of The Trinity Church  about a possible reason why I was evicted without a reason given.  If Mark Driscoll’s bragging is correct, Patheos management decided they would rather have Mark Driscoll’s traffic over mine.  According to the story that I have been told from two sources independently, Mark Driscoll told Patheos that he would not bring his substantial social media traffic to Patheos if I was allowed to stay on the site. In effect, he bragged, he got me kicked off the site.

At the time, the “favored advertiser theory” was one which made some sense. Obviously publishing is a business and if an advertiser/blogger promised to bring in lots of ad money and traffic (more than I was bringing in), then a management mainly in it for the profit would have to consider that. I could never get confirmation of the theory or prove who would be vindictive enough to actually pursue that gangster move.

As far as who might consider such a move, I thought of several candidates. Driscoll’s name did come up. After all, he told Tim Gaydos if Tim moved away from Mars Hill and planted his own church, Driscoll would tear it down brick by brick. You can hear that quote from Gaydos in the opener of every Rise and Fall of Mars Hill podcast episode. However, at the time, I could only speculate. Now, I have more than one reliable source with the same story of Driscoll bragging about getting me kicked of the site.

Not only was I told I had to stop blogging, my blog  was taken down so that all links throughout the web which pointed to my Patheos address no longer work. In effect, there was an effort to silence the writing.

Let it sink in a minute: Mark Driscoll met Patheos’ “strategic objectives” while I did not.   ...

For those unfamiliar with Patheos as a platform, if the theory that Throckmorton's blog was cut loose because he wasn't posting enough or posting often enough is considered, then why has Driscoll's Patheos blog survived even though he hasn't posted anything there since July 2, 2020? Throckmorton has noticed this, too, but I want to point out something else that's equally obvious.

Throckmorton got dropped for whatever reason but Patheos is not an overtly "Christian" site.  Patheos hosts all sorts of perspectives that aren't even necessarily religiously confessional or evangelical.

So Throckmorton's got some reason to ask what the strategic goals of Patheos were that his blog wasn't fulfilling for it to get 410'd out of existence.  What kinds of strategic goals are still being fulfilled by all the sorts of blogs above but not by, apparently, "just" Warren Throckmorton's blog? If other blogs were 410'd out of being on the same day Throckmorton's was, however, feel free to share links in the comments (moderation always on).

I've been thinking about more stuff to write about Episodes 6 and 7 of The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill but I am not feeling hugely inspired to write after having written a fairly hefty amount about the series already.  I can be industrious but it's still a pretty heavy set of topics and getting around to "The Brand" and other aspects of "State of Emergency" I haven't written about yet will take some time to put in order.  

Another thing is I lately discovered IMSLP has some Matiegka scores from the Op. 31 set and that means that score analysis improvements can be made for 1, 2, 5 and 6 in my pending Matiegka's Op. 31 series.