Thursday, October 05, 2006

shows and shows

This weekend features a few concerts I'm going to visit. Tomorrow night Seattle Symphony plays Mendelssohn's violin concerto and Brahms' Third Symphony. Both of which are awesome pieces. Then Spectrum statges Petrushka and The Miraculous Mandarin this weekend, which I am ALSO going to see. I have hardly ever gone to see ballet productions and remain diffident at best toward dancing. Dancing and I do not have any pleasant memories, personally speaking. If I merely mention the words compulosry physical education class you might start getting the basic idea. Where most people may see dancing as fun or at least neutral I actually have only bad associations with it as a form of recreation.

But as an artistic endeavor I see value to it. I own Singing in the Rain, for instance, which is a cool movie. But I'm not here to expound upon my lack of happy thoughts connected to dancing. I plan to write about ballet stuff as a total layman sometime after this weekend is done. So bear with me if I seem to have no idea what I'm taokling about with respect to dance stuff. But I at least know a pittance about Bartok and Stravinsky.