Saturday, February 03, 2007

new stuff

I picked up, not without a few emails, the new CD by Atanas Ourkouzounov from Gendai Guitar. Since I can't read a lick of Japanese despite owning every Miyazaki movie and even having Tezuka's manga adaptation of Crime & Punishment I can't relate anything more than the minimal English language information about the CD. Furthermore as I have only heard it once I can't say much more than that I am glad to have bought it. An actually detailed review will have to happen sometime after this weekend is over and I have had time to listen to it carefully.

I can also attest from first hand experience that Leo Brouwer's little masterpiece Hika is back in print and can be purchased in case you don't have it or if you (like me lost your copy due to unfortunate circumstance). No word on when Shin-ichi Fukuda's next CD of music for guitar by Takemitsu will come out but I know from his website that it's going to come out some day and Atanas Ourkouzounov helped play some of the music, which makes that TWO CDs you should really get of classical guitar music that he's involved with lately.

Then there's the upcoming recording Hilary Hahn has of Schoenberg's violin concerto and I think Ana Vidovic has a CD of Torroba's stuff coming out. More locally Michael Partington is premiering a guitar concerto called the Underdog. Since I actually have a budget and am sick I can't go catch everything but there's always something coming up. Of the releasing of CDs there is no end as Koholeth might put it but listening to them once in a while is anything but wearying to the soul ... unless it's Cornelius Cardew or Ginastera. Sorry, I just don't care for those guys.

Monday, January 29, 2007


THat's mostly what I've been doing lately. I had one or two sketches for poems I considered posting but they're not done and in any event I'm sick anyway. I haven't forgotten what I have forgotten to write about in detail, namely Koshkin's sonata for flute and guitar; the Tamulionis CD (yeah, really that long ago but I want to keep giving the topic a chance because I like his music); and Atanas Ourkouzounov has a new CD out on Gendai Guitar called Legends. I get emails from him once in a while which is how I heard about it

I just had a spell of violent coughing that made me feel pretty uncomfortable. I need to be back in bed and not using a computer to make a blog entry! Consider this a short preview of possibly coming attractions.