Monday, October 18, 2010

there's nothing like real life to take the impetus out of blogging

I've been lacking productivity in blogging lately. I don't lack for ideas, just for ideas that I ultimately feel are worth blogging about after a year of unemployment and wanting that unemployed phase of life to be over. Even my thoughts and sentiments about Proverbs 19:4 and poverty aren't really worth writing. There's nothing I could blog that isn't spectacularly summed up in the axiomatic observation in scripture, is there? I could regale you with some story to illustrate it but there's no point.

The series on Hell has stalled because I've got more pressing things to do. I have nothing to gain by theologizing on a blog unless I care passionately enough about the issue to blog about it. Trust me, I will blog about theology and churchy stuff again because that's just the kind of person I am but real-world concerns about paying the rent and scrounging up job possibilities is more important than theology stuff even though I probably could talk all day about that stuff.

There's stuff I could blog about but I'd rather blog about those things after things are done. There's that old axiom that you should not count your chickens before they have hatched. In the interest of ensuring these chickens hatch beautiful and healthy I am avoiding blogging about the unhatched. God willing I hope things go well and I can blog about the chickens AFTER they have hatched. But they aren't important enough to EVER blog about in the end, just maybe they'll be happy enough events that I could blog about them anyway in the hopes that they don't bore people. :)

Things have stunk for the last year but that does not mean the Lord has not blessed me in a wide variety of ways. But that will be for another time. Man does not live by bread alone but man does need bread to live (unless he has gluten issues).

Edit: Okay, I have a couple of monster-sized things to write about but will be haphazard in writing about them. There's a ton of stuff I've been reading about gender and accomplishment that is amixture of stuff I've read via City of God and Mockingbird and a few other favorite blogs and it was not for no reason I linked to a Roy Baumeister lecture earlier. I am also planning on eventually returning to the Hell series. I also hope to discuss some thoughts about creativity and personal judgments; particularly the disconnect between who we can often imagine ourselves to be verses who others observe us tobe int he arts. But that's for a later time after I've had some time to actually think a bit.