Monday, June 11, 2007

Duo Guitarinet

I haven't had a chance to listen to their CDs yet but I am happy to report I have a few CDs by them and their constituent members and I'm really looking forward to hearing their stuff. This is a guitar and clarinet duo (in case the silly but still pretty cool pun didn't tip you off) in Poland and I'm planning to send off the score and parts for my sonata for clarinet and guitar to them as soon as I can manage. I'm also going to see if I can find them a few things since they've been kind enough to send me CDs of theirs I haven't seen any American retailers selling their discs and it just so happens I can find CDs from an artist they'd like to hear more of but can't get from Poland. Since they have been so kind as to send me their music and want to look at mine I'm glad to help them out finding things I can find on my side of the pond.

I've been a little busy lately with some homework projects that I really should be working on but I figured I'd blog about this because in an earlier blog entry I mentioned the trouble I've had finding clarinet and guitar duos and now that I've found one I'm happy.

It is a curious but still pleasant coincidence or pattern for me that through my college years and even since then I have become friends with or had shared musical interests with people from central or eastern Europe. Some of my friends in town are of Polish descent and I have a friend in Croatia whom I don't hear from too much now but she and her husband and daughter, last I heard, were doing quite well. And I am going to make myself work on a little piece about Ourkouzounov for a local publication, which means I have a lot of listening to do to meet the local deadline. I was a journalism student, though, so I really should be able to handle it. It's not a sure thing the article will get printed but I think even just writing the article will be good for me.

In other news I have also prepared scores to send off to a viola and guitar duo and also a duo for flute and guitar. Perhaps it is the bane of composers that scores always take longer to prepare than we think they will but I've got scores and parts ready to send.

In other news, well, there's not a whole ton of other news about musical stuff that i feel like writing about. THis is pretty much it. I know Atanas Ourkouzounov worked with Shin-ichi Fukuda on a disc of Toru Takemitsu's music and some other pieces. Fukuda is FINALLY getting to recording more Takemitsu. Hooray! We only had to wait ten years. I'm trusting it will be worth the wait because Fukuda's other Takemitsu CD is incredible and Ourkouzounov's CDs are tons of fun. I'm willing to bet anything these two guitarists worked on together should be something fans of classical guitar should get as soon as it comes out on disc. I just don't know exactly when or what label but I've got the information that the recordings have been completed from a, what's the old jargon, a very reliable source. Best wishes to Mr. Fukuda and Mr. Ourkouzounov. I'll be getting the CD when I learn more of it.