Thursday, April 02, 2009

a Pinter pause in blogging

I'll be on a Pinter pause from blogging for the next week or so ... at least if I know what's good for me and my schedule. I'm not exactly tactically repositioning in the MILITARY sense of that lingo ... but I'm tactically repositioning in the domestic domciliar sense of the phrase. A few blocks here, a few blocks there, here a little, there a little. No prize for the person who's reading the blog and knows what obscure reference to an ancient document I just made.

I hit the midpoint of thirties today and have discovered that a few years after attending the premiere of Samuel Jones' awesome Tuba Concerto that Naxos has released the Seattle Symphony recording of the work, finally. I've been waiting for this one for some time. I didn't order it because, well, the tactical repositioning and having already ordered a few other pieces to study made it necessary to stick to a budget. Besides, the recording is affordable and I admit it seemed better to stick to my budget and let someone get it for me as a birthday present because I don't do subtle and dropped some hints.

Thanks to a Delcamper I am going to go check out the preludes and fugues for two guitars of Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco. You may know me by now, into obscure chamber music for classical guitar that only specialists know and also care about. Too bad I lack the chops I once had (which were not exactly awesome). Also too bad that I seem to lack any charisma or natural charm for networking much among musicians because these would be wonderful pieces to play with other guitarists. I may have to perservere.

As a birthday gift to myself I plan on catching Samuel Jones' newest concerto for trombone. You may recall that I was working on a passacaglia for tenor trombone and guitar a while back. I know a couple of people who play trombone and one day wish to complete a sonata for trombone and guitar so I am starting to steadily get into music for brass instruments.

I have not, however, given up working on the chamber sonatas for strings. In fact I think I've made some small but important progress on a sonata for cello and guitar and two of three movements for viola and guitar are complete. The real trick now will be tackling the last movement.

In other news, Watchmen kinda sucks. You may recall that in my masthead I mention comics so I saw Watchmen. It's Zack Snyder's fault. His films seem bound to have superfluous boobs when the material doesn't call for it so when the material sorta calls for it he loses all sense of proportion like a comics fanboy or artist ... and I just realize how terribly unavoidable that pun is. Oh for the days of Laura duPuy's Bizzare Breasts column ... .

Still interested in writing more about the book of Samuel but having a life does take precedence ... even for someone like me. I'm overdue to visit family and I have only just lately gotten back into catching concerts.