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okay, so let's see if 2016 can be the year to get back to blogging about Ferdinand Rebay again

There's been a number of recordings released of Rebay's music for guitar in the last year that will be worth mention.  Also overdue would be discussing the solo guitar sonatas.  There's commercially available recordings of two of the seven but not, as yet, of the whole set.

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so Jimmy Witcher shared a story about helicopters and the press at the Driscoll house. Driscoll himself never mentioned multiple helicopters and Russ Bowen was told on air "wrong address". Link to KOMO coverage

some of Jimmy Witcher's account of the last year or so to do with Mark Driscoll.

The "internal things" ... was that the conversation on air in 2013 Mark Driscoll had with Janet Mefferd in which the term "plagiarism" came up?  Was it "internal things" that World Magazine reported that Mars Hill used Result Source to secure a place on the New York Times bestseller list for Real Marriage? As Driscoll's been making the rounds he's at times shared that there was this conflict, see, and it didn't really come to the public knowledge until the last year of Mars Hill ... but Paul Petry published content at Joyful Exiles starting in March 2012, more than an entire year before the Mefferd interview in 2013.  Now some internal correspondence got leaked, to be sure, something kind of like former BoAA member named Tripp describing Mars Hill as one of the most abusive ministry cultures he'd ever seen.  But Tripp's resignation from the BoAA was public, too.  The idea that there were "internal things" seems to reflect a profound ignorance (deliberate or otherwise) of what was going on.

But enough of those general observations.
And you know, many of us go through hard times in our life, but not all of us have to do it very publicly. And Pastor Mark had to go through a very difficult, kind of almost a public trial, uh, with the media on his front lawn, helicopters flying overhead, his every move being discussed in blogs and on social media. And you know, as often is the case, you know, with the media, and I know they, they sometimes try, uh, but they get about a third of the information right, you know. And so he and his family were living in this, in this difficult time of making this decision, and he had resigned.

And it was literally just within days, probably a couple of weeks later that I got to meet him at a pastor’s conference. And Pastor Mark had known it was time for him to step down, and he knew that God was calling him to move on and go into another season, but he knew that he needed to get some things “in his quiver,” if you will. He needed to, to learn some things, and develop some characteristics, and some things in himself that he hadn’t had before. And one of the things that he knew he needed, is he needed some spiritual fathers. He needed folks that would come in and speak fatherhood to him.

... a third? 

So how could the media be on the front lawn when the house was behind a gate and some gravel and some road? 

Since when was there more than one helicopter?  Mark Driscoll told stories about there being ONE helicopter that I can recall documented.  Never any mention of helicopters in the plural.

Driscoll by the time Russ Bowen came calling had withdrawn from the public eye and wasn't preaching.  The notion that blogs and social media were watching his every move seems virtually impossible to substantiate. 

Let's not forget that according to Robert Morris' Gateway account it was he who advised Driscoll to step away from ministry for a while.

So far it seems that if Jimmy's trying to say bloggers and the media get about a third of the facts right his account can be shown to not even be a third accurate based on statements made by none other than Mark Driscoll himself and video footage from coverage in 2014.
Helicopters?  Plural?  Based on what?  The Woodway house was kind of gated.  Russ Bowen went up and rang the intercom up.

Someone had a question over at Throckmorton's blog.
The closest thing I ever saw to media on Driscoll's front lawn was that hapless KOMO TV news reporter who parked his car near a huge wall and spoke to a voice through an intercom. The voice sounded just like Mark, but told him he had the wrong house. Sadly that video isn't out there anymore.

Well, we all knew a new narrative of Mark's life would be spun, and now we see it coming together. Father Mark, the dad you never had.

Go to this link, start playing the video, it starts at about 0:54
As we've discussed at some length here, for Mark Driscoll to concede a helicopter flew by and that the press was outside the house he's basically got no choice but that his 2015 testimony to that effect showed that whoever that dude was who said "wrong address" was lying to Russ Bowen while camera rolled. 

Now by 2014 the house in Woodway had been gifted to Melanie Thompson but then in that case, was it even an entirely accurate story to share that it was Mark Driscoll's house the press was visiting if it had been gifted to Melanie Thompson back in 2013?  That's the thing about the stories, it's tough to eat your cake and then have it, too. 

The word about how things from the past will come forward into the future?  Well, okay, there might be something to that, seeing as there's a publishing agreement from the past available to read in the present and by extension the future. That bit had already come to pass as of January 4, 2016, depending on how you take this

At the moment it appears that who Mark Driscoll "is" is a guy who's still recycling all the content back from the "who he was" years.  He had a sermon here and there warning people against those kinds of guys.

Then there's this bit about how Driscoll needed spiritual fathers?  Because back in the early days Doug Busby wasn't good enough?  Or Ken Hutcherson?  Or David Nicholas?  Or Driscoll's own father-in-law Gib Martin? 

Monday, January 04, 2016

Driscoll marketing strategy doc from 2011 spelled out goal with respect to Real Marriage, "In short, the goal is to sell books around preaching campaigns ... ."
From "Mark and Grace Driscoll Marriage Book Marketing Plans", 2014

... The campaign will begin at Mars Hill Church with invitations to the more than 400 Acts 29 churches Pastor Mark leads in the US alone plus those churches he leads in 12 other nations through Acts 29 as well as an open invitation for any church/ministry in the world to join us. In short, the goal is to sell books around preaching campaigns in a way that has never been done with multiple levels of resourcing and state of the art media technology. ...

The magnitude of that might need some spelling out.  The marketing plan presents Mark Driscoll as if he were somehow, personally, leading 400 churches through Acts 29 and additionally churches in twelve other countries besides the United States.

Let's keep in mind that based on the Acts 29 web presence during July 2011 Mark Driscoll was the "founder and lead visionary" but was not actually president of the organization. He wasn't even one of the vice-presidents or a secretary to Acts 29 in the middle of 2011 when Result Source was being discussed and plans to promote Real Marriage were getting written about. Now to be sure the A29 board came to be at a point where about two thirds of the board consisted of people who had been or were executive leaders at Mars Hill.

Matt Chandler at one point was even talking about how it was sometimes difficult to know where Mars Hill ended and Acts 29 actually began.

But still, on what basis could anyone say that Mark Driscoll was actively or even indirectly leading 400 churches affiliated with Acts 29 in the middle of 2011?  Or even the entire year of 2011?

Now it's worth revisiting some things reported by Warren Throckmorton about when it seems Mars Hill leadership got some idea of what Result Source was and toward end its strategy could be employed.

In June 2011, Kevin Small wrote to then Mars Hill Church executive elder Jamie Munson to provide details about how ResultSource could get Mark Driscoll on the New York Times best-seller list. He gave him the details of what later was reduced to writing in the contract signed by Sutton Turner on behalf of Mars Hill Church.

The marketing strategy lately published here at Wenatchee The Hatchet featured mention that it was desired by the Driscolls that pre-sales be channeled into Acts 29, Mars Hill, and Resurgence in way that would provide incentives for purchases that could count toward the New York Times bestseller list.

Of course we can recall that inside MH leadership there were some concerns raised about the wisdom of the arrangement prior to the contract signing in October 2011.
According to sources aware of the situation, the Mars Hill communications staff raised questions with the executive elders (Mark Driscoll, Sutton Turner and Dave Bruskas) about the wisdom of the ResultSource agreement prior to October 2011.  The above memo was written in September 2011, prior to the ResultSource contract dated October 13 and signed by Sutton Turner, apparently on October 17. In May 2014, I posted October 18, 2011 invoices from ResultSource which were addressed  to Mark Driscoll.

[also presented here at]

This document is designed to show the two main questions that will help Pastor Mark decide whether he would like to proceed with the Real marriage giving campaign.  It is one of our goals to serve Pastor Mark the best--we believe in him as a leader and want to increase his influence for the good of the church and the Kingdom.

That wording seems peculiarly passive voice.  There's uses for the passive voice, of course, but the meaning of the wording is hard to escape.  The memo was formulated as seeking to help Driscoll decide whether HE would like to proceed with the Real Marriage giving campaign.  The goal of the team that presented the memo, as stated, was to serve Pastor Mark the best, wishing to increase his influence for the good of the church and the Kingdom, whichever Kingdom was meant may remain open to debate.

Then the questions, already discussed recently, as to the effectiveness of Mars Hill having to foot the bill for 11,000 copies of a book that coud be purchased at a lower cost if purchased by On Mission. 

It's owrth remembering that based on a sermon he gave in the 1 & 2 Peter sermon series, the side company to manage book royalties was something Mark Driscoll explicitly said he had not set up because though pastors did that it was a sign of selfish greed for gain.

Prophets, Priests and Kings
 Trial: 8 witnesses from 1 & 2 Peter
May 3, 2009
1 Peter 5:1-5

... So in all of this, as well, I've had people ask, "So what about the book sales?"  Here's how it works, I didn't start a separate company. One of the ways that guys work this, they become a leader in a church and they have a company on the side and they use the church to funnel business into their side company and I didn't start a side company (like a lot of guys do) for my book writing. Instead I publish under Mars Hill.

So the way it works, I don't get all the money. Mars Hill gets a huge take. Mars Hill gets all the marketing dollars, they get paid by the publishers. Mars Hill gets half of all the royalties so the books that I publish, about 75% of the revenue goes to Mars Hill Church, not me. Not me.  Because I'm worried about this issue, greed, shameful gain. Just using Mars Hill as a platform so I can start a business to rake in massive dollars. I don't think it's a sin for a pastor to get a salary but we're now at the point where the books and the marketing, that a huge portion of my salary is covered by income that I generate.  And, I'll be honest with you, I hope one of my books pops or I get enough books on the shelf, titles in print , I'd love to see the day where I'm basically working for free and that the book sales and royalties and such let me generate enough money for Mars Hill that I can work free of charge. That's my hope and my goal. I don't know if we'll get there but that's what I'm trying to do.
Well, a few years later a side company was set up.  The more documents have been shared the more it begins to look as if a side company got set up, and the church could be construed easily as having been moved in the direction of promoting book sales for a book owned by the pastor's side company. 

It's also worth noting that while Mark Driscoll said he published "under Mars Hill" he registered the copyright for his books to himself and/or his side company that he said he didn't have and hadn't made back in 2009. 

Now back in 2009 perhaps it was possible that Mars Hill got half the royalties and 75% of the revenue went to Mars Hill.  But what about moving forward from 2011?  And who can actually prove whether any of these claims made in 2009 were even the case in 2009?  Anyone? 

The part that sticks out now was the "I hope one of my books pops ... where I'm basically working for free ... "

What working for free by being able to live of f of royalties can sound more altruistic than it might always be.  After all, anyone who can live entirely off of the royalties of books is someone who's capable of being completely independent of any disciplinary overtures taken by a board. 

Taken together it seems that while the memo that raised questions about the wisdom of the Result Source campaign got written, the leadership at Mars Hill ultimately decided to go with the plan.  Initially Mars Hill leadership and PR discussed how it wasn't that unusual, really, within the industry. 

If Driscoll didn't know about the Result Source plan, as has at times been proposed, then why did the mid-summer 2011 marketing strategy stress that pre-sales get channeled into contexts where they could count toward the New York Times bestseller list?  Why would that matter?  The memo with the two questions suggests at least someone inside Mars Hill had questions as to why Mars Hill had to get 11,000 copies for a giving campaign that didn't seem set to net the church much of a net profit. It could all, were it discovered, look sort of like an entire church apparatus being directed to the benefit of an individual.

It does seem to look like that at times, doesn't it?

It does seem to look as though some of the writing suggests that the plan was to channel the resources and technology and people of not just Mars Hill but also Acts 29 and Resurgence toward the sale of a book owned by the kind of side company Mark Driscoll said in 2009 he didn't have and hadn't set up because, well, it kinda sounded like he thought rigging an entire church culture toward promoting and selling  apastor's book was a sign of selfish greed for gain.

Which makes it all the more striking to review the sum of documents associated with the promotion and publication and sale of Real Marriage.


an agreement from February 28, 2011 between On Mission, LLC and Thomas Nelson regarding A NEW MARRIAGE WITH THE SAME SPOUSE, better known as REAL MARRIAGE

presented without comment

is ...

the 19-page


publishing agreement

between ...

On Mission, LLC

and ...

Thomas Nelson

after ...

the break.


2016, a new year, and the MH re-plants share their respective histories ... or not, an overview of which MH spin-offs have leaders who were on the BoE that was investigating Driscoll


In 1996, a pastor named Mark Driscoll started a new church in Seattle called Mars Hill. Mars Hill Church grew rapidly, and in 2006 decided to plant its very first remote campus, a video location called Mars Hill Shoreline. The pastor who launched the new location, Steve Tompkins, put it this way: “God kept bringing more people to hear the gospel. Even five Sunday services [in Ballard] back-to-back didn’t address our need for more space.”

God did many amazing things in and through Mars Hill Shoreline: people were saved, hundreds were baptized, families were started, lives were transformed. However, there were also many issues that built up over the years which all came to a head in 2014, a year of great difficulty for the church. Facing mounting criticism as the church investigated formal charges against him, Mark Driscoll submitted his resignation as vision and preaching pastor on October 14, 2014. Shortly afterward, it was announced that each local campus of Mars Hill would have the opportunity to launch out as their own fully independent church.

After much prayer and discussion, the elder team of Mars Hill Shoreline did make the decision to re-plant Mars Hill Shoreline as Sound City Bible Church. The elders made the commitment to learn from the sins and mistakes of the church in the past while focusing on a fresh vision to help people hear the good news of Jesus all throughout the north end of the greater Seattle area.

Sound City Bible Church is not simply Mars Hill carrying on under a new name. It is a new church with a new elder team, a new doctrinal statement, a new mission and a new set of values. This church has been through some difficult times, but through it all is more convinced than ever that Jesus truly is the one who is worth placing ultimate hope in. We hope and pray that God would give us many years together to glorify God by proclaiming Jesus, receiving grace, being disciples, and making disciples.

Trinity West sort of doesn't have a history page

Some of these churches are starting from scratch and disconnected from Mars Hill so it might make sense to not have a history that states up front the Mars Hill lineage while formally declaring a different set of goals is in order. Now Fairchild was not on the BoE, for those who remember what the Board of Elders was.

But ... if your church says one of its core values is "legacy" then not mentioning a legacy connected to Mars Hill becomes more puzzling.

For those who don't remember, Bubba Jennings was not just on the Board of Elders, he was also an executive elder around the time the 2007 firings and trials occurred.

So he may not only be able to answer questions about investigation into Mark Driscoll from 2014, he is one of the only people who  had a connection to the termination and trials of Meyer and Petry from 2007 that has not publicly recanted/repudiated involvement of any kind in that process.

Redemption in Spokane indicates their story as connected to Mars Hill.

Redemption Spokane is a new church planted in the heart of the Inland Northwest with the mission to see the work of redemption impact Spokane, seeing many people’s lives changed by the power of the Gospel. Our founding pastor, Miles Rohde, and a large number of our original core members had a heart to see a new church planted in the heart of Spokane that would reach the entire region. Originally beginning with the vision of being a church connected to Mars Hill Church, in the fall of 2014 a decision was made to become a fully independent church with our soft-launch in January 2015.

The church building, located on the corner of 2nd Ave and Division Street, has been a bastion of the gospel in Spokane since the first church building was constructed at this important crossroads in downtown Spokane. Having moved into this church building, right in the heart of Spokane, Redemption Spokane desires to continue the legacy of the Gospel being faithfully preached to all.
As a church, we had our official launch at our Easter service in 2015.

For those who may have forgotten ... somebody was on the Board of Elders assigned to investigate Driscoll, if memory serves.

One would already have to have known that the Rainier Valley Church had a Mars Hill history to observe it's still at the Union Gospel Mission site.

Given the obscure but swift disappearance of Willie Wilson from its leadership that this church even still exists at all could seem like a feat of community cohesion.

Choi was also mentioned as a member of the BoE

Former Mars Hill Portland is now Redeemer in Portland and has nothing much to say about its history.  They will, however, be nominating deacons soon (and may possibly have already)


The Elder board of our church currently consists of: Pastor Eric Appleby, Pastor Jon Crist, Pastor Kevin Kelly, Pastor Ryan Mount, Pastor Dan Ortega, Pastor Tim Smith and Pastor Jim Swanson. Two of the Elders of Redeemer Church are also paid staff. They are: Tim Smith, in the role of Lead Teaching Pastor and Kevin Kelly, in the role of Executive Pastor.

God has called all of these men to lead by example and to serve with love, humility and grace, placing care and service to the flock over their own interests. Should you wish to speak to any of our Elders, please email indicating whom you wish to speak with and they will get back to you promptly.


As a new church, we will soon nominate Deacons who will be responsible for taking various day-to-day burdens of service from the Elders, in order that they may focus on prayer, teaching and general oversight of the church. Redeemer Church will have both men and women Deacons, as supported by scripture.

Since Tim Smith was one of the members of the Board of Elders assigned to investigate Mark Driscoll maye an elder can lead by example by answering questions about what was in the report/investigation from later 2014?

or maybe field questions about statements made about Mark Dunford?

Olympia ...

Not a whole ton of history there to share.  Although Mars Hill Olympia was where the Mars Hill Military Mission was once based, which was a ministry that basically distributed Mars Hill authored books to soldiers. The Military Mission was shut down in early 2012 after having been moved, for reasons not necessarily clearly explained, from Olympia to central HQ or thereabouts.   As discussed at this blog, the book distributional aims of the defunct Military Mission could have made sense as an easy way to handle the bulk orders for the bulk order side of the Result Source strategy. 

There are churches that were once Mars Hill that clearly believe it's best to lead up front with the line of descent.  Other chuches seem eager to avoid this still unavoidable element of their history, at least for now. 

For those who don't remember the name of Matt Rogers, who was pastor at Mars Hill Bellevue in 2014 and on the BoE and eventually appointed to the BoAA ...

There's not a lot of evidence he's connected to Doxa Eastside lately. There's no trace of him if you do a search for his name on their site.  Given Rogers' role on both the BoE and the BoAA and what he was willing to say about public criticism of Mark Driscoll a hard reboot without him might seem beneficial.  The hard reboot might also extend to not really sharing much by way of establishing the historic connection between Doxa and the former Mars Hill.
4554 12th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105

Cross and Crown has left the Ballard site and taken up at what was once the U-District Mars Hill site.
It has, if memory serves, taken on people from the sites that were formerly Mars Hill Downtown, Ballard and the U-District.  As reported a while back by Wenatchee The Hatchet and Warren Throckmorton some of the campuses had been losing attenders or members in the months running up to Driscoll's formal resignation.  Consolidating those who were left at some of the campuses to what used to be Mars Hill Ballard made some sense.  In a way the consolidation process was a kind of mirror to the 20007 dispersion process in which people were sent out to launch campuses for the multi-campus process.  And it's tough to forget that the multi-site approach became appealing as Mars Hill central leadership realized the second campus idea for what became the central headquarters was either impossible or wildly impractical.  In th ehistory of Mars Hill it is worth stressing that when we consult the talks of Mark Drsicoll about multi-site compared to what he published in Confessions of Reformission Rev about a decade ago, the entire multi-site approach was a kind of epic Plan B.

So, anyway, Cross and Crown does not have a very detailed history for itself yet.

Then there's the somewhat shortlived Mars Hill Albuquerque.

Not only does there not seem to be any history for the church you can't even tell who the leaders are as you can with just about any of the other churches, unless you go digging up the sermons.

You can learn more if you fill out a form, though.

So, having reviewed a few of the sites that were once Mars Hill and having noted which applicable names showed up in the Board of Elders ... let's revisit a statement quoted by Warren Throckmorton.

The investigation of formal charges against Mark Driscoll has revealed patterns of persistent sin in the three areas disclosed in the previous letter by the Board of Overseers. In I Tim 5:20, it requires that an elder be rebuked for persistent sin. Our intention was to do this while providing a plan for his eventual restoration to leadership. The Board of Elders in agreement with the Board of Overseers are grieved, deeply grieved, that any process like that was lost to us when Mark Driscoll resigned in position and left the church. Now is the time to move on and consider what God is calling us to next as a church as we participate in Jesus’ mission to make disciples in His name. [emphasis added] Today begins a new chapter in the history of our church which has proceeded in one direction under one leadership for many years now, but I want you to understand this, God is our Father. That does not change. Jesus is the chief shepherd of the church and that has not changed.

The elders of Mars Hill Church acknowledge as we’ve gone through all of this investigation, and heard all of these stories, we acknowledge that we have personally led in some of the same ways that demonstrate some of the same ways that Pastor Mark had. And those things require repentance and forgiveness and restoration. We realize that there are ways that we have led as elders in ways that have been domineering, sometimes arrogant and sometimes boastful and at least for my part, I want to say I deeply regret those sins and I ask for your forgiveness.  We want to lead you into the future in a way that displays more grace, more love as we speak the truth to each of you. If there are people that I have offended in ways I have pastored this church, I would welcome that you come to me and speak with me to allow me the opportunity to reconcile with you.

At this time Mars Hill Church is going to move ahead under the Board of Overseers established plan for transition. Pastor Dave Bruskas will serve as the teaching and preaching pastor during an interim period of time until we establish a direction we are going as a church. The Board of Advisors are going to be working in the weeks to come on a plan for moving forward and for how that will unfold, what the next steps are, there are a lot of things to consider. As we discover what those things are, what the spirit shows us, then we want to communicate clearly to you and transparently to you what’s happening, the directions and the changes that will be taking place.

2016 is a new year but even if there's a new man, to borrow an apostolic epistletory idiom, the old man isn't completely dead yet.

No, actually, we can be pretty literal about this. The corporation formerly known as Mars Hill Church is still technically listed as "Active" even today by the Washington Secretary of State website.

It still lists Dave Bruskas as President and Caleb Walters as Vice-President even though Kerry Dodd's been describing himself as President for a while and describes himself thus as of ... right now.

President and General Manager

Mars Hill Fellowship, Inc.
– Present (1 year)
- Keen management to daily operations to guarantee proper handling of all legal affairs and creditor obligations
- Tactical administration to the liquidation of real property and other assets; along with the distribution of net assets
- Recognition for the successful launching of 11 new independent entities by separating the organization from its 15 operating locations
- Appointment as corporate president of the board of directors; as well as promotion to general manager, in charge of leading the transition team in settling the affairs of the corporation toward the distribution of net assets and dissolution

Recognized by who for the successful launching of 11 new independent entities?  Would whoever recognized Kerry Dodd for this clarify for the record they recognized this? 

and ... Caleb Walters is still mentioning he's Chief Operations Officer for the potentially still existing Mars Hill.

Who was on the board of directors since the resignation of Driscoll that seems implicit in Dodd's verbiage?  Who's been on the transition team?  While many a person has assumed that things were "over" the dissolution of the company is the period in which stuff gets sold and assets get distributed.  This was/is the period in which to actually pay more rather than less attention to what may be going on.  Sure, Driscoll's got a church he's aiming to start up but there's no need to forget that Mars Hill hasn't ceased to exist as a corporate entity just because a celebrity threw in the towel rather than comply with a restoration plan proposed by a board.

So as 2016 moves forward we'll get to see which of the 11 spin-offs prospers or not.  It remains to be seen.  They may all make it but we don't know yet. 

Meanwhile, we know which churches seem to feel comfortable enough to explain in their public web presence where they've come from and which aren't yet.

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on the Driscoll marketing plan strategy for Real Marriage to Thomas Nelson, how to transform a church into a fully integrated multimedia marketing platform to sell a book

The five page document is published at the following post.  The observations and comments in this post presuppose you have read the entire five-page document at the available link:
With that out of the way, it seems overdue to discuss what seems to be the core of what the Driscolls referred to as ..

The Big Idea

Pastor Mark Driscoll was named one of the 25 most influential preachers in the past 25 years by Preaching magazine. [link omitted] ... Driscoll was the youngest on the list by over a decade, and they said, "Driscoll is a model for thousands of young pastors who read his books and listen faithfully to his podcast sermons. Driscoll may well be an example of how preachers will influence other preachers in the 21st century." Driscoll now wants to do just that by building a large global multi-church campaign around a preaching series with multiple supplements to help pastors, churches, and ministry leaders do a world-class job of Bible preaching and teaching with equipping from Mars Hill Church.  Also, since all of this content, including the books, will be available for years to come this will also give each book a long tail as ministries can use the content at any time in the future. The campaign will begin at Mars Hill Church with invitations to the more than 400 Acts 29 churches Pastor Mark leads in the US alone plus those churches he leads in 12 other nations through Acts 29 as well as an open invitation for any church/ministry in the world to join us. In short, the goal is to sell books around preaching campaigns in a way that has never been done with multiple levels of resourcing and state of the art media technology. [emphasis added]

Right there is the summation of the goal of a campaign, and the campaign is defined as a fully integrated multi-media project, a campaign completely integrating every conceivable level of media activity undertaken by a church toward the end of ... selling books.  Release the book before the campaign begins, and the campaign is a preaching series that uses the book as well as provides an occasion to market and sell the book. This campaign took the people and resources of Mars Hill and integrated it toward the end of selling Real Marriage and this campaign proposal was formulated by a Driscoll or two in the middle of 2011 to go by the dates mentioned in the whole document.

We can't just skip past that bolded statement.  The goal, in short, was to sell books around a preaching campaign in a way that Driscoll believed had never been done before, with multiple levels of resourcing and using state of the art technology.  Why do such a campaign?


By publishing a book before a campaign and building significant free support resources to support ministry leaders there are numerous benefits to churches and leaders including ...

[from 1] ... Participants will receive over 100 pages of research on sex and marriage compiled by a team of PhD professors in sociology and statistics that helps their own preaching/teaching on marriage and sex. It is all footnoted and will be emailed for use by those in the campaign free of charge.  Participants will also receive summaries of good and bad Christian marriages. This content is not in the book and will help them for illustrations in their preaching and teaching.

3. The resources of one of America's largest churches for any church.

4. Literally more than a million dollars of gear, studio, and staff time are used to provide the free resources of the campaign. This includes a video team that has shot a full length mainstream Hollywood feature film, and graphic designers awarded by HOW magazine as some of the best in their field. One example are the state of the art Red Cameras used by no other church in the world but used for such films as District 9 on for any church wanting to use any of the sermons for their church free of charge.

[from 14] Posting of the sermon in audio and hi-def video download along with transcript in both English and Spanish after it has been preached live at Mars Hill Church in Seattle. These sermons will be edited to 40-45 minutes each and able to be used in any church or ministry that is interested in allowing pastors to take some or all of the Sundays of the series of as needed.

Summarily, by doing a fully integrated campaign churches willing to buy into the campaign could expect a ton of freebies and content not available in the book Real Marriage as a supplement to preaching or broadcasting the content, it seems. If you've read the whole marketing strategy what stands out is how given it was that Mars Hill's sum of personal and technological resources could be brought to bear in an integrated promotion of the sale of the book. 

But then, who were those PhDs that put the material together that pastors could get for free by signing on to that Real Marriage campaign?  Anybody know?

That point 3.  Mars Hill Church got dissolved so signing on for the Real Marriage campaign NOW (if that's possible) will not avail people to all those resources, will it?  Wouldn't the Red Cameras go up for sale?  Those aren't cheap cameras.  Where might the money for the sale of Mars Hill Church's Red Cameras have gone?  Who knows? 

The elegance of the campaign is that it's a fully integrated multi-media blitz which organizes every level of the activity of a church.  A church that commits to the campaign commits to buying truckloads of the book and workbooks and video and so on associated with the campaign.  To sign up for such a project, in a sense decides that an entire church or multi-site church is, if you will, a kind of captive audience for the duration of using the campaign, maybe a quarter of a year give or take skipping this or that chapter or lengthening the campaign by featuring workbook stuff or extra stories and material derived from the supplemental materials that would come with the campaign.

There may be those who would say that the royalties of the book would have or did go to Mars Hill.  Are those people sure?  The book Real Marriage, for instance, was copyrighted to On Mission, LLC.  Royalties would have gone to On Mission, LLC whose members sure seem to have been Mark and Grace Driscoll, rather than to mars Hill.  "If" the royalties of the book sales went to Mars Hill the proof would need to be provided by either officers of Mars Hill or by the Driscolls themselves.  Because there's no reasonable basis, so far, for supposing that the royalties for books that were copyrighted to Driscoll rather than Mars Hill would ever go to Mars Hill, or even be donated to Mars Hill, is there?

What seems evident from the first draft of the marketing plan proposed by the Drsicoll team (subsequent drafts have not necessarily come to light) reads as a summary of how to organize every level of the life of Mars Hill Church around a campaign whose goal was to sell books. 

revisiting an old Mars Hill memo in light of the marketing strategy proposed for Real Marriage by Driscoll.

This is old news, of course, the one page memo in which two questions were raised about proceeding with the Result Source plan.

And this isn't short.

But there are some things that are worth revisiting.

In case you haven't seen the memo over at Warren Throckmorton's blog ...

here it is again

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