Sunday, January 14, 2007

a doctoral dissertation on Nikita Koshkin's music, and random stuff.

Yes! There IS one and I bought a copy. It cost me a bit, too much most of you would tell me if you knew how much ... and I'll never tell!

But I plan to compensate for not providing a thematic/motific analysis of Koshkin's sonata for flute and guitar by at least reviewing this dissertation on Koshkin's music when I have some time. heh, whenever THAT is.

I haven't even gotten around to my observations about the use of the classic dorian progression as a structuring device in Dark Side of the Moon yet.

Because of where I work (that's not for public broadcast, either) I have a three-day weekend so I plan to do some reading I haven't managed to do yet and maybe will pop in a few episodes of X-Files season 1. But I have to get around to finally watching Hotel Rwanda and I've got a convenient chance to do that, too.

I don't feel like blogging about Children of Men. It's fun, though. My favorite visual thing is replicating the whole album cover of Pink Floyd's Animals. Trust me, if you have ever even seen that album cover it will leap out of the screen and dance for you.

I gotta say I don't know why British military units will be using Rheinmetal 120mm smoothbore tank guns in 2027, though.