Thursday, July 16, 2009

iMonk and Frank Turk debating Mark Driscoll, prelude to some thoughts

As readers of things on the internet may now know (if they care), iMonk and Frank Turk have debated whether Mark Driscoll should repent and, if so, for what. I have read the series with interest and will not write about what I think of it all just now. I do take it as a sign that writing about Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill is coming to a point where it is not mere hagiography of the Thor Tolo sort or the varied indignation that comes from the Macarthur/Camp camp or The Stranger sides of the opponents of Driscoll spectrum.

This is merely to indicate that I will collect my thoughts and write them later. Driscoll and Mars Hill are emblematic of the paradoxes and contradictions in a particular stream of American evangelical Protestantism. These paradoxes and contradictions are not necessarily more or more varied than those of other communities of faith or non-faith but I believe they have tended to be misunderstood and misrepresented by people who see them as the perfect thing for grinding their axes against. I am going out on a limb and giving a clue to what I will write later by saying that Driscoll is a vulgar pietist. That may only sound controversial to people so spectacularly nerdy about theology they will probably rightly believe they have better things to do than read this blog.