Thursday, December 20, 2012

Update on Lief Moi HT Joyful Exiles

HT Joyful Exiles

Longtime readers will know pretty much why the semi-dormancy is "semi" when updates of this sort get published. 

Tim Challies reviews James MacDonald's Vertical Church with a mixed assessment.

Some of you long-time readers may remember that my first impression of James MacDonald was a distinctly bad one.  His name showed up in a post titled something like "With friends like these multisite churches don't need enemies".  I have linked only sporadically to things connected to The Elephant's Debt.  Blogger Tim Challies has of late reviewed Vertical Church and he likes, as he puts it, 120 pages of the 300.  The trouble is, which Challies discusses at at least a little length, the bad in the other 300 outweighs the good in the 120. 

The set-up, Challies writes, is promising and the concepts about worship in particular are good ... but the application turns out, according to Challies, to be weak and even dangerous in terms of practical application.  At length the blogger notes that he simply could not review the book on the terms of the book itself and had to consider the last two or three years of James MacDonald's public conduct and speech in his pastoral role and finding it wanting in several areas.

... [on prayer] MacDonald too often allows his personal and culture preferences and his extroverted personality to be prescriptive.

And then there are times where he shows shockingly poor judgment in illustrating with his own life. At one point he writes about the role of prayer in saving his church from bankruptcy. He prayed to the Lord and then called a contractor whose work had been woefully substandard. “Sensing the Lord infusing [him] with still greater boldness” he told this man, “If you do not ship the remaining steel for free, we will close the construction project permanently, take the entire church into bankruptcy, and I will spend the rest of my life pursuing a legal remedy for all damages incurred by your company’s failure to perform. You have until tomorrow at five o’clock to give me your answer, but don’t call at 5:05, because there is a big part of me now hoping your answer is no.” This kind of personal intimidation does not at all stand as an example of the fruit of the Spirit

This blog does not, as a rule, tend to keep very close track of MacDonald because he's not much in our neck of the woods.  He may be a good friend to a certain preacher now, for however long that lasts, but there've been good friends over the years about whom nary a word has been said in public as of years ago.  Times and places and namees uttered publicly in affection can be fickle. It is not a given that the latest named good friend may be so for any longer than the good friend who co-founded a venture.  Besides, there are other people who sometimes keep tabs on MacDonald (about 40:28)so that blogs like Wenatchee The Hatchet can accumulate ideas for blogging about music by Samuel Adler (into the ... 2013 year) or about some graduates of a school.

But that's stuff that may or may not pop up in detail in 2013.  We're semi-dormant here at Wenatchee The Hatchet.  There'll be some activity

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mars Hill Trademark/Logo clarification from October 22, 2011 and your church (maybe)

This blog post from us is intended to alleviate any confusion. As a clarification, we have not sued any churches and have no plans to sue any churches. We have not sent any similar letters to any other "Mars Hill" churches, and we are not planning on asking any church with "Mars Hill" in their name to change their name. 

In light of the above if your church, or the church of someone you know, has been approached by anyone from Mars Hill since October 22, 2011 with a request that you change your name ask them when and if they changed their mind about this statement.  As a clarification, since we blogged about the subject of name, trademark and logo associated with Mars Hill a month ago it seemed useful to set out clearly what Mars Hill said they had not done and did not plan to do, just in case Mars Hill might have done something that could be understood as a reversal of the publicly announced stance they decided to take back in October 2011.

Since the "Clarification" has no by-line or credited author then, in lieu of an actual name to back up the reliability of the above-quoted statement made by Mars Hill last year, questions could conceivably get run by Justin Dean, currently overseeing public relations, communications, and social media for Mars Hill.  Not that Wenatchee The Hatchet actually has any questions on this subject ... but you might.  Dean has had a public role in clarifying previously unclear communication such was what took place in the disciplinary case of a former member named Andrew.  We'll let you go look up that Slate article yourself, though.  This blog post from us is intended to alleviate any confusion.

dormancy, sorta

As you'll have noticed we're not quite so productive in blogging here at Wenatchee The Hatchet as earlier this year.  You'll see from the blog archive that there was an explosion of activity on the blog this year but in the last few months the output has shrunk down to more conventional productivity.  This may be how things stay for a little while.

But there are plenty of things in the hopper to eventually, here's hoping, make it up here.  We've kept track of a few things that didn't get a lot of coverage from other blogs or from media outlets.  This is a niche blog (as all blogs in the end probably must be).  So there were blog posts about a certain church and its real estate acquisitions and bylaws and culture.  There were blog posts dealing with chamber music.  There were blog posts dealing with superheroes.  There are various other blog posts and about those we have no need to get overly detailed. 

With a bit of input from blogging friends like Wendy and Bill we've got a drastically different look that, I hope, makes the blog easier to read.  I've also actually bothered to tag posts with themes which will facilitate easier searches on topics that may be of interest to people.  There's still a mountain of completely untagged stuff you could search through if you like but at least this year I started tagging stuff for easier referencing. 

Either we'll actually have a bundle of content prepared for 2013 or we won't.  We can't make any promises there.