Saturday, January 21, 2006

First post

Introductions are simple and hard. It's easy to simply begin by saying "this is the start" but everyone already knows that. It's hard to write a beginning that tells you succinctly what you'll be reading here and whether or not you'll want to spend your time doing so.

But I may be making this too hard. I play guitar, I write music. To date none of it has been published and I have no certainty that it will be published, though I'm working on cleaning up a few scores. That's right, I write the stuff out by hand or computer. I play in a couple of different styles but mostly write classical music. Sometimes I write or play rock stuff and was in a garage band of sorts for about ten years but seem to be more adept at classical stuff. So I try to play to my strengths.

But that's not what the main purpose of this blog is going to be. I'm less interested in selling my own music here than in writing about music that interests me. And as a classical guitarist and composer most of that music seems to be coming from Eastern Eruope and a lot of it is chamber music. There's a pretty well-covered scene for solo classical guitar repertoire and not quite as much being written about chamber music or stuff from Europe. At least not in the United States I'm not finding this stuff. So what I hope to do here is plug for music from Europe I discover, particularly guitar repertoire, and introduce you to it.

Some of the names I'm going to mention here are going to be familiar if you're already a guitarist: Koshkin or Takemitsu, for instance. Some of the composers I hope to discuss, like Atanas OUrkouzounov or Jonas Tamulionis, are probably not going to be namezs you've heard of or read about before.

So basically I'll be plugging for CDs and discussing pieces. Since I'm not going to reproduce scores out of respect for copyright I'll just mention the piece, composer, publisher, and refer to a commercially available recording when I can whenever I discuss a piece of music like Nikita Koshkin's Sonata for flute and guitar.

And I have other interests that may crop up--biblical studies or cartoons, for instance. And since this is the centiennial of the birth of Shostakovich I may write a bit about him, too. As you can see, I can ramble a bit. Take heart, I haven't gotten to score analysis yet.