Sunday, July 23, 2006

Ah, comments

They don't necessarily assure me that people are reading this stuff but some of them do. When someone tells me I need to correctly spell the title of a work by Tallis I know they're writing a comment that amounts to more than a spamish additive. I'm more concerned that people just know who Tallis is than fret about spelling on a post I wrote some time ago. Call me petty but in blogging that sort of detail can be considered secondary to what I hope is a small scale promotion of musical literacy.

I've started listening to American V by Johnny Cash. I've only heard through three and a half tracks and what I've heard so far is pretty awesome. I don't write only about "classical" music after all.

Well, I confess I have relatively little on my mind to blog about these days but I should post a little something anyway.

I have discovered in my research that Peter (Pieter?) Van der Staak has written eight studies in harmonics for solo guitar. I have just placed an order for these and plan to study them in some detail. The idea of a set of studies devoted to such a unique aspect of guitar playing intrigues me. This seems to be the only dedicated set of studies for the technique I've come across that has been published since about 1978. It happens that little etudes or practice pieces appear in some guitar manuals but a lot of these studies are, the ones I have seen, not especially memorable.

But first I have to see them and get them in the mail. Per a long-ago injunction by Mantanya Ophee to any guitarist in general and in consideration of a wonderful gift from a friend of mine from Japan I'm picking up Yamashita's Pictures at an Exhibition transcription. So if I don't write quite so much you'll know why.

Actually another reason why is I've been pecking away at a set of motets for male voices on texts from Ecclesiastes. While I don't prefer KJV as a translation it's public domain and that's something for the lowly composer.