Saturday, June 13, 2020

later writings from Leonard B. Meyer on the ideological double binds of late, late Romanticism --notes toward a neo-galant pop/classical fusion

One of the things I thought about after reading and rereading John Borstlap's The Classical Revolution was how much of his ideas were articulated decades earlier by Leonard B. Meyer, not just in Music, the Arts, and Ideas (which is a magnificent book I learned about through Kyle Gann's blog) but in other writings. A point that is paradoxically latent in Borstlap's book is that while the music of the Romantic era itself has much to commend the ideologies of the Romantic era are the source of many musical problems, specifically as they were taken up as battle cries for high modernism or what Meyer once called "late, late Romanticism".

follow up coverage of WA state ESD UI fraud situation, claims and counter-claims about who was noticing what when

For those who have kept some tabs on the unemployment insurance fraud situation that happened with the Washington State Employment Security Division ...

some musical links, Gregorian chant, chamber music for flute and guitar (Ourkouzonov), music for flute by Poulenc and Martin, and a quasi-concerto for jazz band and piano by George Russell for Bill Evans

a few musical links for the weekend

Thursday, June 11, 2020

#defund the police? Some thinking about possible ideas I hear from some conservative friends that may (or may not?) be common cause with progressives on police reform

I'm indisposed to hashtag approaches to issues by temperament but even I occasionally catch wind of hashtags that can show up on Twitter.  #defundthepolice is one of those. Living in the age of CHAZ and hearing Sawant has gotten behind a specific hashtag ... I've been seeing some talk about what this hashtag may entail. Thus ...