Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Luigi Legnani

Who is this guy? A long dead Italian guitarist who I had never heard of or read about before this year thanks to a forum I visit for classical guitarists. This composer wrote 36 caprices for his Opus 20, and quite a few of them are in keys that inspire me. Like D flat, A flat, E flat, B major, F sharp major. This guy didn't chicken out when it came to the most brutal keys on the guitar! I like him already. That the music is light and airy and has absolutely nothing to do with my usually preferred composers like Shostakovich, Hindemith, Bartok, or Stravinsky is immaterial. In fact most of Legnani's stuff sounds at first listen like some kind of Haydn knock-off ... which is just fine because I love a lot of Haydn's music.

Not that I'll be PLAYING any of this music by Legnani any time soon. I'm not nearly that good in terms of chops. Anyway, here's a random discovery in the last week or so.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

revised plans

Well, it turns out Bauckham did us all the favor of not only plowing through the books of Enoch but also all the variant versions of the story that may be loosely dubbed the Testament of Moses or the Assumption of Moses, the latter title being pretty inaccurate since an assumption of someone who's already dead, well, kinda hard to describe as a genuine assumption on the order of, say, Enoch or Elijah.

More to write later but for not it's enough to me that I got through the 127 pages of exegetical study with all the alternate variations of Moses' burial and the background on the Aramaic vs the Greek forms of Enoch. Maybe I don't have to read all of 1-5 Enoch myself now that I know Bauckham did it 22 years ago!