Friday, January 05, 2007

culled from the experiences of friends and acquaintences

I. Here are a few simple reasons to join eHarmony.

3) You'll get a huge discount on three months so that theyr’re cheaper than awfully expensive Christian dating services out there

2) It's made easy for you to find other people they have in their network, though they can make no guarantee that even though you read books by amillenialists that you won't end up getting a match that reads Left Behind books.

3) If nothing else, they won’t stop spamming you until you join.

II. There's exactly one reason to join Equally Yoked:

Hey, why SHOULDN’T you blow a year’s worth of tithe checks on a matchmaking service that doesn’t necessarily work? You’d spend that money on dates of your own choosing that won’t work either! Maybe if you object you should consider the third option after correcting your doctrinal problems.

III. Sovereign Grace Singles

Seriously? Do you have to ask why anyone would join this one? You're not truly Reformed enough. ;) hat tip to Internet Monk for being one of the people who brought THIS one to my attention.

doctoral dissertation on Nikita Koshkin's music

There actually is one and I am going to see what I can do to get my hands on it and give it a review. Yes, brace yourselfs, those of you who actually read this blog, for a review of a recent doctoral dissertation. I've never even gone to a single class in grad school, let alone doctoral work but I'm gonna review this thing anyway because I admire Koshkin's music and because if someone else out there has written something insightful about the man's work I want to plug for it. Plus from the look of things the dissertation covers some pieces I meant to write about anyway. So, if ever you should happen to read this author of said doctoral disseration, I'm looking forward to reading your work.

Conveniently for me I was planning on writing about some music you DIDN'T list in your dissertation!