Thursday, May 30, 2019

Mark & Grace Driscoll to publish a book on spiritual warfare set for 10-1-2019. a short note on how you can read Driscoll on spiritual warfare for free here and learn about old Puritan books you could get instead

through Charisma House, it looks like Mark and Grace Driscoll have a book on spiritual warfare slated for publication in October 2019.

Win Your WarFIGHT in the Realm You Don't See for FREEDOM in the One You Do

Now Wenatchee The Hatchet at one point served on the Mars Hill Theology Response Team as a volunteer and, as a result, had to listen to all roughly 4.5 hours of Mark Driscoll's teaching seminar on spiritual warfare in 2008.  If you want to read a not quite comprehensive but formidable transcript of most of that material from lectures 1 through 3, go over here.

Mark Driscoll's 2008 spiritual warfare teaching session transcript and commentary on it (66 posts)

Now there used to be audio or video available for the entire spiritual warfare 2008 session online but that disappeared somewhere around 2013 or 2014.  There were files available at a site but they don't seem to be up or available.  In lieu of that, the large sixty-six post series (give or take a post) with the tag link above can be a starting point for a presentation of Mark Driscoll's past teaching on the topic of spiritual warfare and some commentary and analysis on the context of the 2008 spiritual warfare teaching as something given in the aftermath of the terminations Paul Petry and Bent Meyer and the trial of Paul Petry.  

Overall I would advise prospective purchasers of such a future book by the Driscolls hold off.  This was the kind of material Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill used to give away for free.  There's so much material transcribed in the above series from Driscoll's 2008 teaching session you should be able to get a pretty good grasp of his views over the last fifteen years from that.  

If you absolutely must part with money on something on the topic of spiritual warfare Mark Driscoll once sang the praises of William Gurnall's The Christian in Complete Armor.  You can get a Kindle edition of that for ... about ... 99 cents.

Sure, it's an old book by a Puritan but Driscoll made a point of praising the Puritans and name-dropped Gurnall and Thomas Brooks   That's another one where if you have a Kindle you could get the kindle edition of Thomas Brooks' Precious Remedies Against Satan's Attacks for ... 99 cents.

But you don't even have to spend money to get these if you just head on over to Digital Puritan.
Thomas Brooks' Precious Remedies Against Satan's Attacks is free as part of Volume 1 of the complete works of Brooks.

Gurnall's work is also available for free in ebook formats

Mark Driscoll has to remember that he's recommended these books at some point in the last twenty years of his career, right?  What is the incentive to sell a new book this year on a topic about which he has taught prodigiously for free, and on which he has recommended a couple of Puritan classics that in this day and age you could get both of for a tenth the cost of Driscoll's forthcoming book?  As both books were recommended by Driscoll it might be better to get the Gurnall and Brooks books.


Spirit-Filled Jesus didn't exactly make waves that I can recall, but it was the first book Driscoll published in a while that wasn't a self-published or distributable e-book of some kind that I can recall.  What if, to venture a guess, it was a test balloon book?  It wouldn't matter so much if it charted like the old books so much as that it established Mark Driscoll still had some kind of market viability.  If he's shifting more into a charismatic audience he's shifting to, potentially, a substantially bigger future market than he could have ever had in a neo-Calvinist scene.  He has amassed enough old material over the previous twenty years (whether or not all that material was his own research or included work that may have been picked up when there was a Docent Group association is probably moot) that he could build and re:build a new brand on that foundation.

POSTSCRIPT 06-05-2019
For those who want to ... (I use the word "want" advisedly) go through all the hours of Mark Driscoll's 2008 teaching session on spiritual warfare ...

if you want to do more than just assume I have accurately transcribed the material here and would like to hear the material for yourself, check this out.

and ... also