Sunday, March 04, 2007

speaking of poems ...

Here's a little poem inspired by reading John 1:15 that I started back in mid-January and just finally finished tonight. The rhymes aren't all that precise in a few spots but I'll let that slide. Like I said earlier I'm not going to claim to be that great at either traditional or free verse. It's a hobby of leisure. Anyway, here's the poem.

O Word of God who formed the sun,
Who formed the billions and the one;
O God, the Word, who made all things,
Whose praise the universe still sings;
Our origin and end you are
And in all ways we prove your power.
Of you we can't be over-awed
O Word who is true God with God.

O Life that is the fount of life
In slighting you we loved our strife,
Your breath is how we came to breathe,
Your health our sickness will relieve;
Your blood makes our dead hearts to beat
And makes our withered hands complete;
O Life of Life you can decree
That e'en the blindest eye may see.

O Light that makes the cosmos shine
Please fill our minds with light divine,
That with yourself our hearts may glow
And you our darkness overthrow.
O Light in whom no shadow lies
Give sight to all our blinded eyes
That we may see you are the Word,
True Life and Light to all the world.

new gear

At last I have the new gear I need to start blogging again and this time, perhaps, more prolificly than before. As promised I plan to finally start writing more detailed stuff about the Jonas Tamulionis CD at the start of the blog; about the new Atanas Ourkouzounov CD; about This Is Your Brain on Music; about the book by Messiaen by Peter Hill and Nigel Simeone should I finish reading it soon; and about the exigencies of writing a Mass that so far no one has really heard yet beyond one movement and that on a small scale.

What else was I planning to blog about? Um ... well, I will have to review my own silly blog to find out what it was. But as a side note I plan to post a bunch of old poems I've written over the years. Most of them are merely of average quality and are no more than competently put together. I will not vouch for their inspiration or quality beyond saying that it was something I used to do more than I've been doing. So once in a while you'll see a little poem up here, probably a lot of poems now that I can just mass upload them from my archives!