Wednesday, November 15, 2006

the paradox of pitbulls

Pitbulls are physical tough specimens, no doubt about it. But the paraadox of their physical toughness is that at the level of doggie emotions they are total weenies. And sometimes they chicken out at strange, unexpected times. I don't say this from personal experience or from owning pitbull but from observation of the creatures of others.

I recall an incident in which I was spending time with some family and we left their house and the pet pitbull was so distraught at being left behind for even a short time she bayed and howled and wimpered and whined and blubbered as though she were having one of her legs removed. She might as well have been crying in English, "Oh no! Jesus has come back to judge the living and the dead and I have no soul because I am a lowly dog!"

Well, EVENTUALLY they get used to the idea of being left to their own devices just a little bit but that isn't always a great thing. Even so, I recall a babysitting task I did for the relatives who have a kid and a pitbull and when they came back they asked how things went for me looking after the baby. To that I replied, "Oh, the baby was fine and it was the DOG who acted like a baby."

But pitbulls have an existence I can understand having a purpose, despite their emotional high weenie-hood. It's chihuahuas whose existence still mystifies me. To me chihuahuas are proof that humanity is a fallen race just by having bred them at all, to say nothing of what terrible things it says about us that we not only make breeds of dogs who are useless but for whom we also knit sweaters. What more can be said? Nothing, at least for this blog entry.