Friday, July 20, 2012

Batman: The Agony of Loss and the Madness of Desire Part 5c just went up

The latest installment happens to discuss Selina Kyle, who happens to feature prominently in The Dark Knight Rises.

It may be Chamber Music Week 2 here but after at least a dozen links and it being the weekend it's time to take some time to write about other things and play some guitar.

And watch a movie or two.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Practical Theology for Women: 50 Shades of Complementarianism

Yeah, I know it's Chamber Music Week 2 here at Wenatchee The Hatchet but Wendy's written something I think is important enough to interrupt Chamber Music Week 2.

Now I'm aware that in some complementarian circles of the sorts I've seen in the last ten years a single guy is considered to know nothing about "relationships".  I've even heard single guys say this about themselves.  Of course no sooner has a man entered into matrimony and has waved his magic wand he is strangely endowed in complementarian land to speak with all authoritah on all manners of human interaction and probably on matters pertaining to livestock and agriculture.  Oh yes, and pop culture.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Castelnuovo-Tedesco Eclogues for flute, English horn and guitar

Castelnuovo-Tedesco Eclogues, I.

The camera was brought into to a recital and this first video comes off like some kind of bootleg.  The performance, in contrast to the framing of the shot, is quite good.

and movement 2 was where the person shooting the footage decided to actually take the camera out from whatever bag it seems to have been in.

and movement 3

It's too bad movement 4 wasn't in there given how fantastic the first three movements were but these three movements will give you a good sampling of a fine piece of chamber music.

Sonatina for oboe and guitar by John Pinno

Sonatina for oboe and guitar by John Pinno
performed by Frank Allbright (oboe) and John Pinno (guitar)

Interesting and recent work for oboe and guitar by John Pinno performed in a duet that includes the composer.

marche et scherzo, Op. 33 - Napoleon Coste

Candice Barnes, Oboe
Arash Noori, Guitar

Another fun piece for oboe and guitar by Coste.  The march is a teensy bit slow for my taste but I've heard several professional ensembles tackle this work and this is a solid recital performance from two students. Nicely done. :)

Sonata for Oboe and Guitar, I.

This was performed by Harland Larson (aka "The Swede") back in 2008.

Since today's theme is music for oboe and guitar anyway ...

La Montagnard by Napoleon Coste

performed by Ric Larsen and Lisa Cunningham

Napoleon Coste's duos for oboe and guitar and the beginning of the literature as we can verifiably know it.  It happens that all of the pieces are quite nice but even if they weren't they would be important for being the foundation of the repertoire.  As I was saying just seconds ago, of course, the duets are all worthy of your time.  Every oboe and guitar duo gets to Coste's literature at some point or another and it's easy to hear why.  I haven't found that many videos where an duo goes through the entire piece in one go.

Andrew Halladay: The Widow, the Orphan and the Immigrant

performed by the Mountain Music Duo on English horn and guitar

I nominate that this piece get a sequel written for it for oboe and guitar on the book of Ruth.  Chamber Music Week continues with some more stuff written for double reed instruments.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bertoli Sonata Prima for Bassoon

and what other instrument, you ask?  Yep, the guitar, though by now I trust you worked out that the guitar is not necessarily today's featured instrument. Sure, the guitar shows up but if you watched the earlier videos you noticed the guitar was not exactly overwhelming that bassoon and trumpet with an explosion of sound. :)

In a small upset I link to a performance of Mozart but you'll soon see why

Mozart flute quartet in D major, 1st movement ... but not for flute quartet

Instead by the Haga Chamber trio, which has the line-up of flute, bassoon and guitar.

Now you know which instrument is featured today. :)

Nancarrow study #21 for player piano, rearranged for a trio

It's an interesting piece, and I'm being sincere.  It's not going to become a favorite of mine but this piece  arranged as it is makes for a novel experience.  

Yeah, it does come off like a novelty piece and performance art all at once but it's fun and if you disagree, hey, it's my blog here.  :)

Awakening for flute, bassoon and guitar

for flute, bassoon and guitar
written by Fredrik Holm
performed by Sareidah Hildebrand, Joakim Lundstrom and Fredrik Holm

I'm posting this one first to throw you off the scent of which instrument playing with the guitar is today's featured instrument.  You'll still figure it out quickly, though. :)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Christian Gottleib Scheidler Sonata in D played by Marissa Carrol and Joel Woods

Christian Gottleib Scheidler
Sonata in D

Want to take a guess which instruments this is for? :)

This is a fun, sweet little piece.

Apropos of nothing I do plan to write a bit about the new Spiderman movie later this month but I might as well stockpile all my superhero stuff and get to some of that stuff some other week, right? :) Let's wait until the Dark Knight rises and all that. 

Paganini's Sonata Concertata played by Marissa Carroll and Joel Woods (mandolin/guitar)

Sonata Concertata
for violin and guitar
Niccolo Paganini (1782/1840)
performed on mandolin and guitar by marissa Carroll (Mandolin) and Joel Woods (Guitar)

You may be noticing a theme in today's posts, eh? :) That's right, folks, today's theme is music for mandolin and guitar!

Scarlatti played by the Acquavella/Myers duo

Scarlatti played by the Acquavella/Myers duo

Chris Acquavella is a fine mandolinist I had the pleasure to meet a few years ago and I would encourage you to go check out his website.

and, of course, check out some of his recordings. :)

Links: Yehezkel Braun, Sonata for mandolin and guitar

This week can be considered Chamber Music Week 2.  It's kind of a lazy Chamber Music Week 2, however, because this week I'm just going to link to things I've found interesting.  You know exactly which gigantic blockbuster movie is opening this week and Wenatchee The Hatchet would be remiss to not write volumes of stuff about the Caped Crusader.  

Now I still want to write quite a bit more about music by Ferdinand Rebay and to blog about Ecclesiastes and a fantastic little commentary by Martin Shields.  But the week that The Dark Knight Rises this blog is going to be a linkathon to obscure and (I hope) interesting forays into chamber music involving the guitar.

Without further ado, or explanation ...

Yehezkel Braun, Sonata for mandolin and guitar
movement 1

movement 2

movement 3