Wednesday, June 16, 2021

CT's Mike Cosper at Mere Fidelity on the forthcoming podcast series The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill

I'm not much of a podcast listener myself but I am curious about how the series will develop.  It will be interesting to learn who has decided to go on record and who hasn't.  My training was in print media and so I tend to stick to print media even if what I do is technically blogging. Thus this blog.  Others are more comfortable speaking.  

Something that will be worth getting into is the earlier years of Mars Hill particularly formative connections to Leadership Network and the transition from patronage via Antioch Bible Church to David Nicholas Spanish River Church.  My hope is that can come up in the series.

The title of the series, Cosper has pointed out, is the rise and fall of Mars Hill Church, since Driscoll is still an active and current public figure. The first episode appears June 22.  

As work on the history of Mars Hill has gone so far there hasn't really been a history of the movement yet.  Jessica Johnson's Biblical Porn is a very specific anthropological survey of one element of the church and it's well worth reading and I've reviewed it.  Ironically I had two preludes and a review of Justin Dean's PR Matters.  Dean's book was not exactly a history of Mars Hill but since Mars Hill was functionally the one church he had served at in a PR capacity  to any lengthy degree his book was by default something of a history of Mars Hill as recounted by the former public relations/media chief.  I have recommended people avoid Dale E Soden's book on religious activists in the Pacific Northwest if they wanted anything like a scholarly reference to Mars Hill.  Although I have amassed books worth of material on Mars Hill over the years I have not been sure I really want to write a history of Mars Hill.

Brad Vermurlen's new Reformed Resurgence is hardly cheap and it isn't a history of Mars Hill as much as a sociological overview of New Calvinism but at this point the Jessica Johnson book and the Vermurlen book are the closest things available to books that deal with Mars Hill that I would say are worth reading.  There might be other books out there but I haven't gotten to those yet.

Non-podcaster though I am I am looking forward to hearing this series.  Developing histories of Mars Hill while primary source participants are still alive seems like a significant project.  Not everyone who played crucial roles in the starting and early support of Mars Hill is still alive, most significantly Ken Hutcherson and David Nicholas, but here's hoping Cosper and CT are able to chronicle the earlier phases of Mars Hill from the 1990s in ways that ground the development of Mars Hill in a way that is not just the Mark Driscoll show, which is what a lot of coverage and blogging has tended to do.  

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Rex McGee Creation for Solo Banjo #15 in D flat minor, excerpt from an interview McGee gave

I blogged about Rex McGee a bit last week.  Here's another entry from his set of pieces for banjo in all the major and minor keys.  

Here's part of an older interview he did.