Saturday, July 12, 2008

be care ye who would be "slain in the spirit" no one may catch you

Now my background in my teens is thoroughly Pentecostal but I never really liked the "slain in the Spirit" stuff. God can work with you in ways that don't involve people shoving you down or suggesting that you hit the floor while claiming it's all the work of the Lord. Not that God is unable to act but that the supposition that God must act in a particular way in a particular context and that any resistence to this is somehow quenching the Spirit is what I find bothersome. The Spirit is able to do things His own way and people who go in with the wrong expectations literally hurt themselves and each other. In this case the scenario seems rather simple,dude, someone should have caught the old man already. Assuming that in the midst of a religious fervor the poor guy is somehow supposed to retain enough rationality to fall only in such a way that some designated catcher can catch him is telling the guy to "quench the Spirit" long enough to be "slain in the Spirit". Or it at least seems like a risk and now it appears to be a potentially legally actionable offense.