Wednesday, October 03, 2007

as an amillenial partial preterist I find this amusing

Not that all social conservatives are dispensationalist but the ones with the most prominent roles in the team seem to be. I mean, really, does ANYONE who isn't already more than a little paranoid seriously consider any variation of Christian Reconstructionism or any variation of its adherents to be actually politically viable?

and these people are ... ?

This link I saw through BHT reminded me of how of these people I've even heard of

Alcorn, Randy C. (who?)
Alexander, Shaun (who?)
Arterburn, Stephen (who?)
Beers, Ron (who?)
Bell, Rob (who? not that late night radio guy is he?)
Blackaby, Henry T. (uh ...)
Brunstetter, Wanda E. (who?)
Chapman, Gary (uh ...)
Cloud, Henry (Boundaries dude, I actually have heard of this guy but never read him)
Colbert, Don (no relation to Stephen, I assume)
Collins, Brandilyn (uh ...)
Dekker, Ted (novelist, I've heard of this guy but never read him)
DeMoss, Nancy Leigh (who?)
Dungy, Tony (who?)
Eggerichs, Emerson (who?)
Eldredge, John (Wild at Heart dude, right?)
Ethridge, Shannon (uh ... )
Feldhahn, Shaunti (gender differences author that I've heard of because I've got married friends)
Gregory, David (uh ...)
Hagee, John (he's on TBN so I wish he had no publishing career)
Heavilin, Marilyn (no idea)
Henderson, Dee (no idea)
Hybels, Bill (heard of this guy but don't even remember why)
Jakes, T. D. (I wish I HADN'T heard of this guy)
Jeremiah, David (uh ... )
Kilgore, Kay Wheeler (Apocalypse Now is all that comes to mind)
Kingsbury, Karen (who?)
LaHaye, Tim (Battle for the Mind was a watered down reappropriation of Francis Schaeffer and I can't help but know about the Left Behind books even though I'm an amillenial partial preterist)
Lewis, Beverly (uh ... )
Lucado, Max (I've heard of this guy but don't recall ever reading anything by him)
MacArthur, John (Charismatic Chaos was crap research and he'll never live it down, ever, but I hear he's helpful to some folks)

McGraw, Robin (who?)
Meyer, Joyce (urm, can't say I'm a fan)
Miller, Donald (I know OF this guy but have never read him)
Moore, Beth (sounds familiar for reasons I don't recall)
Oke, Janette (who?)
Omartian, Stormie (who? cool sounding name though :) )
Osteen, Joel (never bothered to investigate this guy)
Piper, Don (no relation to John I assume)
Rice, Helen Steiner (who?)
Rivers, Francine (uh ... )
Rosenberg, Joel C. (uh ... )
Shepherd, Sheri Rose (never heard of them)
Strobel, Lee (read one or two books, light but interesting)
Warren, Rick (heard of him, never read him)
Weaver, Joanna (who?)
Wick, Lori (who?)
Yancey, Philip (lighter reading but some okay stuff).

See I guess I've been mainly reading Richard Bauckham, N. T. Wright, John Piper, Bonhoeffer, Augustine, John Stott, tiny bits of John Murray and stuff like that. And I've read me some Wayne Grudem and Gordon Fee. Most of these authors in the above list I've never even heard of before. The two most recent books I picked up are by Bauckham and Wright.

I guess I still consider myself evangelical but I'm just curious as to what these authors have their reputations built on and in the case of a couple of them I wonder what on earth makes them evangelical.

Monday, October 01, 2007

end of vacation

Well, I just wrapped up a vacation. It was mainly a vacation, honest, but I also made squeaky clean copies of a piece to send off to musicians. It's a sonata for oboe and guitar I wrote a few years ago and I just spruced up the full score and the part extractions for both instruments and they're ready to print and send in the mail. The total number of pages is fifty five and I feel like I just spent the better part of a weekend knocking these fifty five pages out to be ready for mailing. I'm glad I didn't get so delusional as to try editing the full score and parts for the other FIVE sonatas I thought I was going to edit over vacation. Editing unpublished scores of pieces I've written is not my day job ... at least not yet. We'll have to see if perhaps I can get to that point, though, where doing that might be part of my day job.

Man, no one tells you enough that the nastiest work isn't the music-writing itself but getting the stinking materials clean enough and readable enough to, as they have it, send it off to the engraver. Not that that's happening by a long shot but I speak figuratively. What's REALLY happening is I'm sending a sonata to a few interested parties because while I have the email addresses of someone in every oboe and guitar duo on the face of the earth (trust me, they aren't that numerous) I can't exactly hold my breath waiting for each and every (or any) given one of them to play my piece. That's not really how the music business would work, assuming it works.

Plus I've discovered that the time it takes between receipt of a score and actual work on it can be, well, spectacular. One ensemble got my sonata about two years ago and I honestly have no clue if they've looked at it. The other ensemble that has had my sonata for two years ago HAS looked at it and even played through a movement (cool!) but they're not sure how much longer they'll be playing as an ensemble so, unfortunately, I have to more or less write them off even though I'd love for them to be able to play through the piece. Obviously I'd think it's cool if ALL the oboe and guitar duos I've sent my music to get around to playing it but since I don't know which I can never be hurt by sending my music to anyone who might take an interest in it.

So much for Jude. I've just had other things going on. Having an actual social life has mitigated against some of the more ambituous writing and reading projects I've wanted to take on, which might be just as well. Before I bother to get into that whole exposition on child abuse in Eureka Seven I probably better actually finish watching the rest of the show to find out how it ends. Will probably be able to get to that when the last DVD comes out.