Monday, January 03, 2011

imploding glasses are a bad way to usher in the new year

There's nothing like having your only pair of glasses fall apart on you. This has tabled a number of projects I have been interested in tackling. The glasses frames are under warranty but have been discontinued, which turns out to be common with frames.

Christmas in the family get-together sense of things hasn't happened. Sick relatives with sicknesses ranging from a bad cold to congestive heart failure has caused multiple reschedulings of "Christmas". And I'm still unemployed and hunting for work. It's not as though I lack for time to work on things but keeping focus on writing projects for blogs has been waylaid by the combined need to keep hunting for work and dealing with the circumstances of family health issues. THe most immediately pressing one has been that my glasses fell apart. Working with the eye clinic on figuring out what my options are at this point. If there are replacement frames handy despite the discontinuation things will be simple. If not then, well, I've got to figure out how to get replacement frames with a dearth of income. The first thing is to establish the if-then within warranty and not try to get ahead of myself. I have loaner frames from the clinic that will suffice for the short-term.

I was gearing up to work on a series of essays about the DCAU and that has been tabled more times than I like but I have to admit that life has been throwing more than a few lemons my way. I am at least mapping out four different sections. This is another project I've been eager to tackle for my friends over at Mockingbird and I will, by the grace of God, get to finishing it as soon as I can, but I also have to concede that if it be the Lord's will then I shall tackle the project andcome up with something cool. But first I've got a greatly postponed family holiday to participate in while I do some job hunting and look at getting my glasses fixed and stuff.