Friday, December 07, 2007

What!? Nasa made zero gravity guinea pig porn?

This is so weird that I just have to believe NASA actually did this!

Read on my friends. The Wittenburg Door has to put this in the category of "things we wish we made up".

No I suppose I can just take their word for it, whoever did this research, that sex in space is a very serious matter and necessary for ensuring that some decades long journey into space will ... man, there's just no figure of speech I can write now that won't seem unintentionally prurient. That's how crazy this story is.

The whole guinea pig thing is just SO ... LITERAL!!

If Joel, Tom Servo and Crow could only comment about headlines.

This here is a news story where it doesn't matter what year it happened, it's one for the ages!

In case you're wondering how I came across this, well, Wenatchee The Hatchet hangs out at discussion forums where people talk about comic books. Perhaps there's some poetic justice there but I won't elaborate.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

culture war as jihad aspiration?

Not necessarily making the point that Michael Spenser is saying anything of the kind, but that's what I'm pondering. I grew up in a church setting where culture war stuff came up. It wasn't as prominent as a quest for personal spiritual enlightenment and an inner communion with God but that depended on who I talked to. In others it was a matter of praying for revival so that God would heal the land (i.e. America). National idolatry seemed to be a big part of the enterprise. I don't see any biblically defensible argument that revival's goal should be renewal of the United States' cultural life. It's good to defend the United States and its people from attack, though. But the kind of cultural dominance many Christians aspire to in the United States is understandably the same aspiration toward dominance in the eyes of many a secularist that jihadists want. I think Christopher Hitchens isn't as brilliant as he obviously thinks he is but I'll give him the natural suspicion that Christians and Jews with a culture war mentality are the same as Muslims in spirit, assuming he grants the existence of spirit for purely rhetorical effect.

Christianity certainly has a long history in every tradition of this kind of behavior. We all know about the Inquisition. Polish Catholics were on the receiving end of their own variation from the Orthodox for a while and Protestants have the Puritans and Lutherans to thank for plenty of killing. There is no branch of Christendom that is immune from the use of violence to further a cultural or political end as though it were an aim of the Lord Himself.

The more difficult enterprise than getting energized and exercised about the faults within society is to recognize the depth of one's own sin and to work toward the creation of something that, should the Lord wish to do so, be blessed with the ability to be a part of culture. It probably won't do to say that those who can do and those who can't teach because teaching requires at last a nominal knowledge of the subject. In our generation and time it is probably more likely to be true that those who can do, those who can't teach, and those who could do either but won't or don't blog. I do not even suppose that those who teach can't do themselves, they just couldn't do it professionally full time. After all, it has been my experience that in music those who teach invariably also play music as a career. Those who can both do and teach. Those who can't do neither. But there's always blogging, at least for now.