Monday, May 22, 2006

Samuel Jones' Tuba Concerto

You probably would only have heard this piece if you wre in the Seattle area but this is a fun piece. I was sold pretty much from seeing the title mentioned in a local newspaper. (if you're Chris DeLaurenti it was your listing).

I've found the essays but haven't carved out time to put them on the blog yet. When I do you can expect a few essays with titles like.

Soft rock, soft cock
penis music
Clam blue oceans and thunderstorms

I had some essay floating around about counterpoint in the music of Stevie Wonder but I've also got essays I've rediscovered about the history of Western music, really fast and loose summaries of how musical trends developed in Western music. Keep in mind this is a rambling and VERY broad summary in the works.

The teaser for "Soft Rock, Soft Cock" is that if you've read a few interviews with Billy Joel from about ten or fifteen years ago you'll have some sense of what the focus is going to be. a