Saturday, July 17, 2021

at GetReligion Clemente Lisi does an overview of recent coverage of Canadian residential schools, Catholic churches subjected to arson and vandalism, and different aspects of recent coverage

While I'm an evangelical low-church Protestant I have noticed coverage at GetReligion of a spate of anti-Catholic arsons and vandalism as noted at GetReligion in the last year.

That is background that Clemente Lisi touches on in recent coverage of the confirmation of unmarked graves in cemeteries at Catholic-run residential schools in Canada.

Lisi highlights a lack of coverage as to who is suspected of perpetrating the vandalism and arson.  If there are suspects that has not come up.  

The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill podcast has gotten to episode 4 and will take a short break

I have thoughts but they're on the scattered side at the moment.  So far I'm positively impressed by the series.  Cosper seems committed to looking at the good alongside the bad and, crucially, recognizing that one and the same thing, moment, person or process that was seen as good from one perspective could be seen as disastrously bad from another.  He also does not do that about William Wallace II rants, which not even Mark Driscoll himself saw as defensible.  I might have to revisit the podcasts so far and collect more thoughts about them.  

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Mark and Grace Driscoll's Win Your War chapter 20 on Native American spirituality--a dumpster fire of historical and cultural laziness about PNW tribes, with a goal of talking about "counterfeits to Christ" with no sign of fake resurrection rituals titleholders undertook through the ritual killing of their slaves in the PNW

I had meant to get around to writing more about Mark and Grace Driscoll's Win Your War and today I'm going to discuss chapter 20 from that book, but not before I frame my discussion of a passage from said book in light of recent headlines about mass graves and residential schools on the one hand, and blogging in substacklandia on the topic of Native Americans on the other.