Friday, February 03, 2006

Nadia Borislova

This is a Russian guitarist who now resides in Mexico and has released a couple of albums. She's also published a few works but I don't have all the details on where to get some of her works that most interest me, like her works for clarinet and guitar.

This is another case where I need to dig up what I have but Borislova is a good example of what seems to be a braod Russian school of classical guitar composing similar to Koshkin's in its predilection for unusual coloristic effects. Borislova, specifically, has written pieces where she uses slide techniques on the guitar. For those who don't know much slide guitar it's more of a blues/country technique. Since all the liner notes for her albums are in Spanish I'm going to have to prevail on some of my Spanish-fluent associates to get more information about her. But you can Google her and she does have a fairly simple website describing her activities in English and Spanish. So ... let me rummage through my stuff and see if I c an write more about her in a week or so.