Saturday, June 13, 2015

more incubation

there is a lot, a lot, that could eventually go up but this is more an incubation stage for Wenatchee The Hatchet.  Weaving together social science observations from Zimbardo, Baumeister and some folks from ribbon farm is time-consuming.  Throw in Hanna Rosin's "The End of Men" and some thematically pertinent ideas from that side and here's a question, if you have a generation or two of males who are educated in a globalized post-industrial economic scene in which they are more able than ever to realize how disposable they are; and if in the midst of that you have someone whose sales pitch is "legacy" and who promises explicitly or at least implicitly that if you join the cause you will contribute to and positively benefit from said legacy; wouldn't you by definition have a cult on your hands?

Isn't a culture, in that kind of way, simply a successful cult?  Evangelicals have  been so busy defining cultic dynamics in pejorative terms, usually terms that construe doctrinal error, that they fail to grasp that successful cult formation is the essence of all human social activity. 

While some in the press still talk about Driscoll's alleged testoserone gospel, it's important to get some sense of what the buyers of that Gospel thought they were being sold and what they would say the bought into.  Progressives have fallen short here because they focused more on the "what" of what Mark seemed to be selling than on the "how" of how he got it to work as long as he did.

He functionally promised young guys who may ahve come from fraught economic and social backgroudns a legacy if they hitched their wagons to his star.

There's far more that could be written on this matter but that may have to wait fo

Thursday, June 11, 2015

music videos--Ourkouzounov, Connie and Kruisbrink

Very longtime readers of Wenatchee The Hatchet probably already know that Atanas Ourkouzounov is one of my favorite living guitarist composers.  Well, here's another sample of some of his work

Atanas Ourkouzounov Guitar Sonata 2
Now back on the East Coast, formerly Seattle guitarist Meredith Connie has a trio you can give a listen

Seattle Colors
Meredith Connie

Finally, as chamber music for double bass and guitar goes my favorite composer would, hands down, be guitarist Annette Kruisbrink.  Time and resources permitting, hope to discuss this post-minimalist gem later this year ...
Cirex for double bass and guitar

Also hoping to sorta review/discuss Andrew Durkin's book Decomposition later this year, too. There's stuff I really like about the book and some stuff that's more literary treatise about literary treatises than musical discussion.  I can try to explain what I mean by that later on.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Driscolls interview at Hillsong cancelled, Mark Driscoll Ministries not "quite" updated there, a correction about a misrepresentation that Driscoll preached something he didn't

from May 28, 2015

Thank You for Your Continued Prayers and SupportWe want to thank those of you have attended speaking engagements and sent words of encouragement to the address. We also thank those that continue to pray for and support this ministry.Upcoming Events

Pastor Mark will be speaking at the upcoming Hillsong Conference in Sydney and London. Please be praying as he travels, for health and for open hearts to hear the Gospel. You can learn more about upcoming events where Pastor Mark will be preaching here.

As of ... right about now anyway, the Hillsong event is described as an upcoming event.  Seems like everyone except the web admins at Mark Driscoll Ministries got the memo?

Given how much sharing Driscoll died about crying a lot and recycling stories from the Gateway conference with a few additional details having the Driscolls at Hillsong might have been a distraction, it might also have been redundant.  Spoiler alert, thanks to Thrive we learned Driscoll cried a lot and had stories to tell about how the media blocked his driveway and had a chopper flying over a house he told Russ Bowen (camera rolling, microphone hot) that, uh, wrong address, bro.  There's nothing Grace could have (or should) add to that update.  Why bring her on for a Hillsong rerun when Mark Driscoll updated plenty?

Driscoll preached recently and tickets were even on sale for a simulcast presentation, though the forthcoming Luke content sounds like it's a recycling (perhaps?) of the Luke series from the old Mars Hill days.  An earlier Driscoll would have warned against guys who recycle their greatest hits because they don't have new stuff but new stuff is apparently also in the works ...

Something that needs correcting, Driscoll never mentioned penis homes in any sermon he has ever preached in the history of his ministry, not that Wenatchee The Hatchet can ever document as yet.  There were words about a penis and a home published by William Wallace II on the old unmoderate Midrash. You can read all that over here:

But that's not a sermon.  That doesn't mean Mark Driscoll doesn't ahve to live with the reality of stuff he wrote under a pen name but it does mean the folks in the press reporting "penis homes" as a sermon are utterly wrong and a fact correction needs to be made about that.  Who's reported the penis home stuff as in sermons?  Well ...

The Guardian, for one.  Wenatchee's enjoyed reading the Guardian for over a decade so out of consideration for correcting a factual error here's a word out to their editors that WtH has found no evidence "penis homes" was in a sermon. 

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

"9 practical reads like 9 pious bromides, we may need to review the scope of the legacy

While part 1 had Wenatchee The Hatchet cautiously considering that Turner is taking "baby steps" toward a healthier approach the baby steps, now that part 2 is up, seem smaller than they could have been.  We'll have to be brief and unfortunately sloppy here:

While eight people to whom Turner reached out to reconcile counts as "something" we need to bear in mind what havoc was at play.

Keep in mind Turner once wrote "How to Leave Well", discussed elsewhere at this blog.

Turner may not yet be coming to terms with the full scope of how things worked. 

A. The long term effects of any and all terminations or lay-offs instigated by Turner or under Turner's tenure  need to be understood.with this in mind:

1. people who quit frequently had to sign non-disclosure agreements that included spouses and predicated short term conditional medical coverage on compliance
2. Turner issued a public statement indicating that those quitting should neither ask for nor expect to receive severance pay
3. 501(c)3s don't pay into unemployment insurance, generally, so either way whomever was fired or laid off by Turner, or whoever quit, would have ended employment unable to collect unemployment insurance benefits

Van Skaik indicated more than 100 people were off-loaded from employment at MH in what turns out to have been the first couple of years of Turner's tenure in executive leadership
I.e the staff turnover rate when Sutton Turner arrived could be described as catastrophic.  Some (or many) who were fired or laid off) also got told they had to sign non-disclosure agreements.  Gag orders was how one former pastor described them.

 For an overview of that ...
Warren Smith at World Magazine has recently published the following words:
... I’ve obtained a copy of the Mars Hill agreement, it covers both the employee and the employee’s spouse, and it threatens legal action if the employee has “any intentional or unintentional violation” of the agreement. Dave Kraft, a former elder who refused to sign the document and subsequently left the church, said, “It amounts to a gag order.”

C. point 7 presents a strange mirror image to MH leadership having never conceded how they handled the 2007 firings may have had problems

It is very disheartening when you want to sit down with someone and practice Jesus’ instructions given in Matthew 18, but they do not believe they have sinned against you and refuse to meet. What should you do? Forgive them. You do not need someone to tell you they are sorry in order to forgive them. One of the most prominent teachers on forgiveness and redemption would not meet with me after he sinned against me. I had to decide whether I would become bitter and harbor resentment toward this person or if I would forgive and pray for him. By the power of the Holy Spirit, I obeyed Christ’s command to forgive, because this is exactly what Jesus has done with my sin against him.
As a leader, this point will not be easy for you, as it hasn’t been for me either. You are eager to sit down with someone with whom you had direct contact, who sinned against you, and discuss it with them. However, this is something you simply have to lay down at the cross of Jesus.

Tell that to Paul Petry, eh?

Now there are other things that have not been discussed much that might be worth keeping in mind. 

Let's keep in mind that Turner's account earlier this year was the BoAA split on the question of whether to scapegoat him and him alone over the Result Source controversy

Turner described how, it seems, he was effectively blackmailed into a resignation with the threat of disclosing pre-conversion sins that were not apparently bad enough to preclude his being appointed an executive pastor to begin with but that were bad enough he opted to resign rather than have them made public.
Turner has also indicated he was going to explain the Mars Hill Global situation and give numbers but former (or current) attorneys associated with Mars Hill asked him not to, and Turner at one point indicated he was threatened with potential legal action from the unidentified attorneys

Turner may have been threatened by present or former MH attorneys of some sort but it's tough to be clear what the details are. 

Should the people to whom Turner reached out are able and willing to clear up in a comment for the record that Turner has contacted them and made some things right they are, of course, welcome to visit Wenatchee The Hatchet with a comment.  Turner is saying more and clearing things up more than others, to b esure, and compared to the other executives that's at leas tsomething, but the sheer scale of the vocational destruction that happened to people who got fired or laid off during the last six years of Mars Hill isn't a small matter. 

Monday, June 08, 2015

Sutton Turner, part 1 of discuxssing repentance, forgiveness and failures of leadership culture

If Turner's part 1 seems to broadly and vaguely concede he sinned in how he treated people and that he continued the kinds of problematic leadership culture that was already at Mars Hill, and if that seems (understandably) to be not quite good enough for some people, let's keep something in mind.

First, Turner's blogging for the public and while that can be construed for many reasons to be bad it could also potentially be good.


Because nobody's sold tickets to have a simulcast of Turner even vaguely talking about what he said and did wrong, for starters.  Turner may still be a jerk but if he converted in 2005 and became an executive elder by 2011 he was possibly even more a baby Christian when he got executive level powers in a non-profit corporation than Jamie Munson was when he made himself president via the 2007 by-laws (unless Driscoll really wrote those by-laws ... depending on which version of MH mediated history we're talking about). 

Alert readers of Wenatchee The Hatchet may recall Sutton Turner came by to make a few clarifying statements about what he wasn't connected to from earlier this year, which were appreciated. 

And the thing to keep in mind for those who contest the reliability of Turner's account is that if you do contest it's reliability then burden's on yyou, whoever you may be, to set the record straight.  Wenatcheee The Hatchet had stopped attending MH years before Turner was on the scene and is not going to pretend to know if there are things in Turner's account that WtH could offer much correction to.  What is fascinating is after months of sharing his side of things on his blog Sutton Turner's account seems to have inspired nary a word from former MH president Jamie Munson, even though Turner's account seems to strongly imply that by the time he joined the MH executive crew MH was on the brink of a fiscal cliff and characterized by a toxic leadership culture he's now beginning to publicly say he contributed to.

Well, compared to former executive leaders Driscoll, Munson, Bruskas and Thomas it would seem that Sutton Turner admitting to having said or done anything wrong at all is more than what we've seen or heard from the others.  Turner may be covering his back side in how he broaches things, perhaps, but even those who suspect might recall that Turner indicated he was threatened with litigation from people who were or are lawyers for MH.  Why the corporation or its representatives should wish for that is mysterious and Turner may be understandably reticient to explain further what he mentioned at Throcimorton's blog.  And compared to Driscoll's Thrive performance Turner's story has not much contradicted or significantly retroactively altered the story that has taken shape about him and around him.  You don't have to exactly trust or like Turner to see taht his account does not having the same awkward holes and flip-flops in it Driscoll's stories have had in the last six years.