Tuesday, September 23, 2008



Not much to add here except that while it is amazing and true I don't think people realize that even in the pertinent passage that lament is a real lament. It is too easy for people to read the Apocalypse only as a gleeful judgment on the wicked and the oppressor and not also as a lament.

As an amillenial partial preterist I tilt this way. Revelation reveals God's judgment against all empires and towers of Babel we erect to unite and exalt ourselves. America is not the only such tower but is one of the taller ones. America has been Babylon for decades. We are the empire that other nations either aspire to be or resent. The Lord who will come to judge the nations will judge the United States as well ... but there is no reason not to offer a lament for the demise of Babylon even in the midst of asking that the Lord judge Babylon. As Lewis put it so aptly, the greatest villains or those who might have been great heroes. The text should not be taken as a simple satire or as a dispensationalist screed (since iMonk isn't dispensationalist). One day this Babylon, like all others, shall face the judgment of the Lord, and we are asked in this time as any other to