Sunday, October 12, 2014

oh, looks like the U-District real estate is on the market, too. Colliers UPDATE, short run-through of campuses
Steve Pelluer - Colliers International WA, LLC
Phone: (206) 914-3382 | Fax: 425-453-4540 | Email:
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Co-Listing Agent: Kim Hutchins - Colliers International WA, LLC
Phone: (425) 453-4547   

Why does that name seem familiar?

Oh, yeah, that's right.  These two.

Kim Hutchins graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in Finance. He also holds a law degree from Southern Methodist University and a Masters Degree in Counseling from Colorado Christian University. Kim spent 10 years developing and brokering commercial real estate in Texas, Colorado and California and since 1989 has worked extensively with churches, private schools, and nonprofit organizations. He was founder and publisher of Mars Hill Review, a Christian literary journal offered in Barnes and Noble stores nationwide. Kim was co-founder and charter board member of Mars Hill Graduate School, a Seattle-based seminary, and has served as an elder in his local church. He is a licensed real estate broker in Washington state and in California. He and his wife and two children live on Bainbridge Island. 
Steve Pelluer graduated from the University of Washington. He received a  bachelor’s degree in Building Construction in 1985 and also received a Masters Degree in Counseling from Colorado Christian University in 1994. Steve spent eight years in professional football and after retiring in 1996, moved back to the Seattle area. He is a licensed real estate broker in WA with Steve Pelluer Real Estate, Inc.. Steve and his wife and four children live in Bellevue.

Given how remarkably insider the history of MH real estate can be could anyone confirm whether either or both Kim Hutchins and Steve Pelluer have had any memberized association with Mars Hill?  This entity has a history of securing sales of/for real estate for Mars Hill that seems to go back to Tabella (aka the first Mars Hill Downtown campus). 

These two guys seem to have quite a history with Mars Hill real estate.  It would not be a surprise if at least one of them at some point was/is a member ... but that would need to get some kind of confirmation and it is, admittedly, more a question than a hunch. 

For sake of review, red indicates property for sale.  Italics are (at the moment) indicators of owned real estate. 

Bellevue  (MH may still be trying to secure the 10700 Northrup space)
Everett   (new digs courtesy of Mars Hill Global, see here to establish ownership)
Olympia (WtH needs to get to this one, looked like a lease to own and launch for a fixed site)
Sammamish (up for sale)
Ballard campus proper  (for sale)
Ballard corporate HQ    (for sale a while)
Rainier Valley (lease)
West Seattle (owned and with an interesting history)
Shoreline  (lease seems larger history, Shoreline School District permits suggest rent)
Spokane  (moving forward, purchase confirmation pending)
Tacoma (new home courtesy of Mars Hill Global, bought)
Huntington Beach (may still close, OC county inaccessible at the moment)
Portland (probably owned but rusty on this)
Albuquerque (entity handed off to MH but may not own real estate.

U District (up for sale, former campus)

Let's assume for sake of conversation (and future correction) that all the italicized real estate is already owned.  Olympia is a little fuzzy and Spokane may be a lock but let's suppose that seven to eight pieces of real estate are owned.  If the number is higher, corrections welcome, but if the ownership number is eight then half of the stuff they own outright is up for sale.  Even if we assumed that Mars Hill Church owned twelve pieces of real estate it still looks like a third of their holdings are on the market.  Trying to count the Ballard campus and Mars Hill corporate HQ as a single lot would obscure the historic tendency within Mars Hill to treat and discuss them as unique and separate things if for no other reason than zoning and use issues. 

If Mars Hill owns eight parcels then wouldn't they be putting half their real estate on the market as of now?  Anyone got some clarity on this?  Even a buy to lease back arrangement ... whatever that means, doesn't seem to bode well for Mars Hill.  They can try to reconsolidate back into Ballard and make it the hub that it was before Mars Hill tried multisite again in 2007.  Yet if they do let's remember that the 50th street HQ was supposed to be the second campus.  Driscoll went on about it in Confessions of a Reformission Rev.  That 50th street property was, according to Driscoll, scoped out by Jamie Munson.  Munson, if you'll recall, was a younger guy who came to Jesus under Mark's preaching and in spite of the fact that Driscoll would go on to say he made the mistake of submitting to new and young and green elders at the start he made Munson legal president in 2007 and in 2008 described it as the best decision he made.  Munson scouting the HQ building that is up for sale is an interesting thing because as MH closes campuses and tries to reconsolidate that merely invites an opportunity for Wenatchee The Hatchet to point out that had the leadership bothered in 2005 to investigate the land zone limitations before sinking $1.5 million into some real estate a great deal of self-caused trouble might have been avoidable. 

If Mars Hill is putting between a third to half of its owned real estate holdings on the market then their financial situation might be dire indeed. 


Maureen said...
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benden said...

I suppose they might have listed as many as they could, to increase the chances that they get 1-2 sales… and if 1-2 of them do get sold, they might pull the others off the market?

I don't think there's any question their financial situation is dire.

Heartbroken said...

It sounds to me more like Ballard is being abandoned in favor of Bellevue.

ExeGe said...

I believe that Rainier Valley is a 'freebie' from UGM, but obviously will have some associated costs.

molly245 said...

Won't it be hard to figure out if those real estate agents are members of MH if it was after 2007? I'm not challenging your statement as I don't know all the details but just wondering.

Unknown said...

I agree with Heartbroken, and this may be a experiential Blindspot for WTH (no disrespect) Ballard WAS the center of the MHC universe but that's changed.

It's actually something that set MHC apart. Other than Calvary Fellowship in the 80's and 90's, MHC was the only Seattle area mega church to be based in Seattle. Not any more...

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

MH may have planned to shift to Bellevue as far back as 2009 or 2010 but the problem was they had diluted their donor base so much Ballard was running into a budget crunch about every year. Too many of the stronger and more established donors were dispersed in the multi-site expansion. Lake City got shut down and the public story was "not enough numbers" but the private story was that reconsolidating those donors back into other campuses like Ballard and Shoreline would bolster things.

As soon as Driscoll started doing any live preaching in Bellevue the signal was up. And for anyone with any fundraising background Bellevue was an obvious long-term move to go where the money was. WtH hasn't recycled those thoughts as much because they seemed too obvious to anyone with a non-profit background.

But there were rumors/reports Driscoll was considering moving HQ down to Orange County and so the emphasis on Bellevue seemed less than certain. It seems pretty certain now, of course, and the target of a three-in-one parcel would make infrastructural sense.

Rainier Valley probably was a freebie. Whether or not Tim Gaydos (who has had at least some history of association with UGM) had any connection isn't clear but a MH/UGM connection can be established

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

In later 2008 Lake City had the highest per capita giving of all the campuses according to statements in the 2008 Generous series. Discussed over here

After years of donor dispersion the plan is probably to move everything to Bellevue to recentralize but that will take time and in the short run things will probably get reconsolidated to Ballard. When Lake City was closed there was apparently not much of a formal plan and so people who left Lake City mixed it up between going to MH Shoreline or going to Anchor or leaving MH altogether. With the situation as bad as it is MH central couldn't afford to not come up with an official post-closure plan.

Heartbroken said...

Ron Wheeler confirmed in one of the FB groups that MD wanted to move MH et all to the OC but it was one of the few times people stood up to him and said no. I'll look for the quote when I have time.

Heartbroken said...

This should work to get to the Ron Wheeler comments...

Unknown said...

Let us commence a journey into the much traveled topic of New residential Construction in Aurora. :)