Saturday, August 23, 2014

apparently Throckmorton has come to the same guess as Wenatchee The Hatchet ... and has a letter --UPDATE, an announcement of redistributed pulpit work is starting to seem a more likely guess

Okay, so maybe both Warren Throckmorton and Wenatchee The Hatchet could turn out being wrong guessing that a move to get a permanent home for Bellevue/MH HQ/MH schools is what's going to get announced tomorrow ... but the guess is still an educated one.  Wenatchee The Hatchet compiled an inferential case from what has been purged in MH media content and what significance there might be in cancelling conferences and festivals in light of a continuing real estate need ... and Warren Throckmorton published a letter signed by one Thomas Hurst regarding fundraising activities toward a specific address. 

Now both Throckmorton and Wenatchee might be completely wrong.  More willing to make that guess for Wenatchee The Hatchet.  In light of two recent resignations from the BoAA those are roles that need to be filled. 

Might Driscoll confirm that Munson has in fact resigned membership from Mars Hill?  Who knows and obviously guesses are just guesses until the announcement gets made. 

It might be optimistic to guess that Driscoll's going to announce a complete itemized line item explanation of where every cent of monies spent by Mars Hill has gone each fiscal year for the last four fiscal years will be made available to the public.


The August 12 date makes it now seem impossible that the big announcement would have much to do with Bellevue as such.  Wenatchee rescinds the earlier guess.  There are vacancies in the BoAA that need to be filled and while Driscoll could opt to step away from formal presidency of the corporation as he did once before it was precisely during that period that the controversial firings of Meyer and Petry happened.  Driscoll's narrative about that period has shifted emphasis so many times it might be grist for a series of posts in itself (2007 church growth exceeded gifting of leadership, 2012-2013 Mark needed more time to be with Grace and couldn't say that was the real reason for the changes).  But it seems unlikely he will step away from the pulpit entirely.

What might thematically make sense is to ramp up the opportunities campus pastors have to preach on a monthly basis.  If he's really aiming for a legacy and is aware of how severely his controversies have damaged MH it might be shrewd to issue a public apology and announce (and then actually implement) a higher level of campus pastor preaching.  What better way to show love for one another than for Mark to let all those campus pastors who have up until now been preaching a tiny percentage of the time have more pulpit time?  Driscoll has possibly ditched his naturopath Catanzaro and may need to regroup for health and given that a recurring theme in the charges made against him has been that he's controlling, bullying, and domineering, planning to escalate campus pastor participation around a theme centralized at the executive level lets more preaching be done from plan that can account for the content.  At another level, Driscoll can't possibly commit to Mars Hill Schools as a teacher (whether or not anyone cares at this point about the controversy around plagiarism) if he's still cranking out sermons from the pulpit most of the time.  And for someone as prone to control the pulpit as often and as long as Driscoll has that could be a big announcement ... for him.  For any normal church announcing that other people would do preaching wouldn't be a particularly big deal. 

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