Friday, October 17, 2014

amidst Mark Driscoll's resignation, things don't stop with Driscoll, Mars Hill has still got things to account for

Mark Driscoll stepping down from leadership should not be construed as a sign that Mars Hill leadership has been in the clear.  If anything it is left to Mars Hill to explain what on earth was going on with Mars Hill Global.

For that matter it was Mars Hill anonymous PR reactions and not Driscoll that tried to blame-shift citation errors in Driscoll books on others when only Mark's name was on a finished piece of work.

Blaming the research help for problems in the Trial study guide was a Mars Hill move, and one the church has yet to account for.  That's not Mark Driscoll's fault, that's the fault of Mars Hill and it's not exactly a small thing when you stop to think about it.

Mark Driscoll may believe that resigning is what is best for Mars Hill and it may be, but the problem is that the problems at Mars Hill are more than just Mark Driscoll.  The Global fund stuff isn't exactly settled yet.  This is leading Wenatchee to an idea ...

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