Thursday, August 09, 2012

Mars Hill Downtown, Tabella, up for sell as "former union hall"

2333 Western Ave

aka Mars Hill Downtown

You know, that property that was purchased without the members being informed about it until the bid was done.  The $3.95 million bid on a roughly $2.3 million property.  That one where I asked how many executive elders were in place when that September 2007 bid mentioned by The Stranger was made.

Well, looks like it's for sale, if you'd like to buy it.

Church Advisors lists it as a "former union hall."  What kind of union may be hidden in the mists of time.

Well, here in the Emerald City the place Tabella was before Mars Hill bought it was not as a union hall.  Well, maybe unions happened there but they wouldn't have been or the sort that churchgoers might approve of, assuming those kinds of unions happened.

Permit the Seattle Times to elucidate.

Check out picture 2, of one of the bouncers at Tabella.

And if you want further clarification about what Tabella was ...

Pretty well removes all doubt, doesn't it?  When Mars Hill moved into the Tabella as the Downtown campus for the emerging multisite paradigm it made the news. Now that Church Advisors is putting the building up for sale the big sales pitch for the property is that it's a former union building.

This week's news about Mars Hill leasing an old Methodist church got me wondering, "So Mars Hill must have put up the old Downtown for sale, right?"  Turns out that is the case.  Mars Hill Downtown is one of the sales closed by Church Advisors.  See below.

Note the deals they've done for Mars Hill.  They did more than one.

The long-term lease on Mars Hill Bellevue
The sale of Mars Hill Downtown for $3.95 million
The sale of Mars Hill Ballard for $7.3 million
Then there's Anchor Baptist Church, formerly known as Mars Hill Lake City for $2 million
$13.25 million is a lot of money

Sale date: 01/31/1996
Price: $0
Sale instrument: Quit Claim Deed
Sale reason: Other
Sale date: 07/17/2006
Price: $2,000,000
Sale instrument: Statutory Warranty Deed

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Wenatchee the Hatchet said...


another blog post on the old Tabella aka Mars Hill Downtown. It's been established which four guys were executive elders during the time the bid was made. Beltz was installed after the by-laws were voted on in late October 2007. Munson explained to MH members that Tabella was purchased for one million dollars LESS than it had been appraised at, though by whom was not clarified. More at the link below.