Thursday, October 23, 2014

Driscoll at Gateway, local radio host Dori Monson sate Woodway officials have no reports of any incidents related to Driscolls over last few months
from October 20, 2014 statement made by Driscoll at Gateway Conference
Transcript available at Warren Throckmorton's blog but some supplemental paragraphing and punctuation changes for readability supplied by Wenatchee The Hatchet.
... We uh, we uh we had a night where the kids wanted to sleep out in the tent and uh I got a call that um my uh address was posted on-line by the media and um so, we, we, we went out of town for a few days, came back uh the kids said ‘no, we gotta sleep in the tent so I didn’t sleep. But we, we were in the tent all night and uh, woke up in the morning about 6:30or so and huge rocks about the size of baseballs come flying at my kids uh 8, 10 and 12 years of age. Call the police. Flee into the house for their safety. Uh a few days later. I think it was, I don’t remember, the media flies overhead with a helicopter and is trying to flush us out for a story.

And uh that night uh we’re hiding in the house, my 8 year old son comes down and he’s wearing a military jacket, he’s loading up his Air Soft rifle (laughter)and he uh (MD chuckles) he looks at me and he says ‘hey dad is this uh is this jacket bullet proof? (soft laughter)and I just started crying and said, ‘why’s that little buddy?’ and he said, ‘Well it’s bad guys in the helicopter coming to shoot the family, right?’ He didn’t have any concept of, of media coverage, he thought it was bad guys coming to kill his family and he was gonna defend his sister (faint laughter) and so uh praise God he’s finally sleeping in his bed again, but it’s been a while to get him to do that with night terrors and so, there’s just a lot going on for our family.
Local radio host Dori Monson has some doubts about the story involving baseball-sized rocks in particular and discussed his reservations about the story on air yesterday.
Dori Monson
October 22, 2014 - Hour: 3
starting about minute 30:00

Now if this happened at his Woodway home we called the police today and I, because I was shocked that people threw baseball-sized rocks at his three children (8, 10 and 12 years old). Uh, you know, Mark Driscoll is a public figure and I could not believe--because throwing rocks the size of a baseball at a child, I would think, would be attempted murder. That would kill a kid if it hit them in the head. And so, just, I wanted to confirm the story.

Now, he said they'd moved three times. I will tell you this could have happened in some other jurisdiction and not Woodway but we did, just in the last hour, talk to city officials in Woodway, and what we asked was, "Can you confirm if police were called about people throwing rocks at this guy's children. And they went back a few months in their records, and unless it happened more than a few months ago, or it happened in some other jurisdiction,

but, again, would that have happened and we not hear about it?  People throwing baseball sized rocks at the children of a public figure and that story doesn't get reported? It's very strange to me ...

So Monson concedes it is possible the incidents that Mark Driscoll described might have been in some other jurisdiction but that Woodway officials have not backed up any of Mark Driscoll's stories as incidents reported to them at this time.  If the incidents happened and happened at another jurisdiction it is possible they could have happened while the Driscolls still lived in King County.  Driscoll recounted a list of incedents nearly a year ago at The Resurgence.

Driscoll moved from King to Snohomish county in 2012.  While former members have mentioned an Orange County rental space that wouldn't have counted as moving three times and Driscoll has not mentioned in what time frame the family moved three times.  So if the incidents related to nails n a driveway actually happened Monson's account so far would seem to indicate the incident with the nails and the rocks can't have happened in the Snohomish county setting based on Woodway officials who answered questions yesterday.


Alastair said...

Driscoll used to mention almost ten years ago that he had "moved three times in five years". One of those times was because they saw a bigger and better house for sale across the road from them and they upsized.

See for example:

Mudakka77 said...

Dori confirmed just before 1pm today on his show that Woodway confirmed they do have a record of an incident at the Driscoll's place where rocks were found in the garden over the fence assumed to have been projected from the nearby woods.