Sunday, October 19, 2014

a quick survey of the situation, WtH guesses Matt Rogers "might" shift from BoO to EE to fill one of the two vacancies in the EE. Any other guesses?

Sutton Turner (secretary/treasurer) resigned in September.
Mark Driscoll, who was on leave since August, resigned this last week in the middle of some kind of disciplinary/review/restoration process. 

This left the presidency vacated, which is in the interim being filled by Dave Bruskas. 

The problem is there still needs to be a secretary and two of three executive elder roles are vacant.

The executive elders "seem" to have to be selected from the Board of Advisors and Accountability and the executives must also be employees of Mars Hill Church.

Right now of the BoO Matt Rogers seems like a plausible guess as someone to take on one of the executive elder roles.  Since the secretary is not specified by the bylaws as necessarily having to be an executive elder that role could be fulfilled by a non-executive elder, perhaps.  But Jon Phelps won't quit what he's doing to become any kind of elder at Mars Hill.  Michael Van Skaik is the chair and Larry Osborne has his own thing.  By process of elimination Matt Rogers might be the only one on the BoAA who could even be selected from their number to take on an executive elder role. 

If Bruskas is turning from "priest" into "prophet" for a while then someone's gotta take over the "priest" role and someone has to take care of the "king" role.  The bylaws require at least three executive elders and also require two officers.  The president is the primary teaching and vision pastor who is also the president, that much seems set in stone. 

In light of what has been published today regarding Mark Driscoll's alleged departure from Mars Hill Church this makes the putting of real estate on the market look much less like an ordinary business decision that would have been made by absentee executive elders Driscoll and Turner and more like an emergency move undertaken by the Board of Advisors & Accountability, at least based on the news and associated evidence available so far.

But the thing is Matt Rogers is not (yet) an employee of Mars Hill so "if" Rogers were to become an EE the bylaws would have to be revised (could have been done by now if the BoAA met recently) or Rogers could have been accepted as an employee by the EE branch and added as an employee but "if" any or all of that has happened some kind of announcement confirming any new changes would have to show up.  At this point this whole post is just some guesswork based on what is available in the news and Wenatchee The Hatchet is not necessarily awesome at guessing things in details.

Sure, Wenatchee The Hatchet called the closure of campuses and was about half right about which campuses were going to close but anyone with access to the numbers made available via Throckmorton half a year ago could have made a comparable call.

It remains to be seen who the secretary will be and who the other two executive elders are going to be but if Wenatchee The Hatchet understands the bylaws and their requirements about the selection of executive elders correctly then Matt Rogers seems like a likely candidate for an EE role.


benden said...

…and how much would Rogers get paid? Assuming it's hundreds of thousands (in line with other EEs), and assuming Driscoll and Turner both take the severance they're entitled to, this would be a substantial increase in the salary burn rate for the next year.

Heartbroken said...

Is he still working at MSFT? So he would need to quit his day job to be on the EE?

I can't even imagine what kind of comparable salary he would have to be offered to come out of MSFT.

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

good points, both.

If memory serves Driscoll said Hubert took a massive pay cut to come work for Mars Hill. People have been convinced to give up lucrative jobs for the sake of the mission of Mars Hill in the past but we can't be sure.

So Rogers may have no compelling reason to shift from BoAA on BoO to EE at this point, but those other vacancies need to be filled. Then again, given how dire the financial straits of MH might be it's not impossible the BoAA could authorize the voluntary dissolution of the corporation.

Meanwhile, they DO have a financial report they'll need to file. We can't be sure if we're even going to see a FY2014 in CY2014 at this point, can we?