Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Taxable Total on Driscoll Montlake property for Tax Year 2015=$666.000

Here's hoping no one in the Driscoll house has any issues with certain numbers because the total appraised value for the Montlake property (which the Driscolls still own is ...

Valued Year
Tax Year
Appraised Land Value ($)
Appraised Imps Value ($)
Appraised Total ($)
Taxable Land Value ($)
Taxable Imps Value ($)
Taxable Total ($)

So there you go.


Sean Rice said...

0_0 WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING!? Wenatchee, posting a picture of Mark's house, and further publicizing his address, is wrong. There's already strange people showing up at his house and doing damage. (I don't doubt that.) There's no purpose for this. Please, take it down. This is vindictive. If you feel you must post this, find a more responsible way to present the information.

ExeGe said...

He doesn't live there and hasn't for many years.

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

ExeGe is correct.

A few supplemental observations that restate ExeGe:

1) The Driscolls haven't lived in King County for years
2) They haven't lived in the house in King County for about a decade
3) They put it on the market years ago but it never sold.
4) If even occupied at all it's most likely college students.
5) County records are county records
6) Crucially, the house already appeared in the 2011 film God's Work, Our Witness. The Driscolls would never have authorized a panning shot of a piece of real estate they actually lived in.

Heartbroken said...

This was a good laugh!