Sunday, October 19, 2014

story to confirm or refute--BoE reported found sin issues with MD, wanted restoration plan, MD declined

Wenatchee The Hatchet has read and heard reports comparable to the following comment by a "former Mars Hill elder"

The BOE wanted Mark to submit to a spiritual care plan which would have included him not preaching for an extended period of time. Some on the BOAA felt that was too harsh. If Mark would have come back he would have been able to do so according to the bylaws (because the boaa approved it), but he would've been doing so against the wishes and recommendation of his BOE. This is part of the reason Mark said he was divisive. His LP's and the BOAA did not agree about the course Mark needed to take.

Michael Van Skaik spoke as he was allowed to as the chairman of the BOAA, but his statement does not accurately reflect the findings of the BOE. Many on the BOE are angry with Van Skaik because his statement forces the BOE to either publicly disagree with him (and leave the church confused) or move on to other things.

Make no mistake- Mark left because he still refuses to submit to his elders and he no longer has the credibility or power to bully them into submitting to him.

There are also statements circulating that the Board of Elders concluded that Drsicoll has had persistent sin in the areas of arrogance, domineering leadership, and short temper.  The Board of Elders was reported to have had plans to have Driscoll submit to a restoration plan before a potential future restoration to pulpit activity but that Mark Driscoll cut the process short by resignation.  Wenatchee The Hatchet has been hearing reports of this sort in the days since the official announcement of resignation but confirmation or rebuttal has not yet been documented.  It honestly seemed unlikely given the history of Mars Hill leadership but this rumor has been gaining enough traction from enough different directions among people who have retained ties to Mars Hill it seemed worth mentioning.  Any confirmation or rebuttal that can be produced is certainly welcome.

If these reports are true then it drastically calls into question at least some statements made by the Board of Advisors & Accountability, doesn't it?

At this point, however, confirmation is still pending.

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benden said...

Great find. Assuming it's true (and I would have no trouble believing it), I wonder if this disagreement between the BOAA and the BOE/LPs could be the beginning of the elders rising up and insisting on a return to all-elder rule, and reverting to pre-2007 bylaws. That would be a very good thing, and I think something that's necessary (though not sufficient) for MH to survive.