Tuesday, August 13, 2013

where are they now? Mars Hill pastors from 2007 and what they're up to now, part 4 Dave Kraft

from an email composed by Jamie Munson in 2007 regarding the termination of Bent Meyer and Paul Petry:

I am grieved for them and their families and will contact them tomorrow in hopes that they are repentant and choose to resign from eldership rather than be subject to what will be a painful and personal investigation. If they decide to go the investigation route an elder taskforce will be formed and led by Pastor Scott Thomas with the assistance of Pastors Dave Kraft, Gary Shavey and Steve Tompkins.  If you have anything to add to the investigation please send the details or questions to Pastor Scott Thomas.


Some might conclude this is a political move to gain more support for the bylaws as Paul and Bent were outspoken critics of the current direction.  This is not the case, the executive team wants to conduct itself in a way that is full of integrity, walking in the light, under full disclosure and in a decisive manner that best serves Jesus and His church through Mars Hill.  If the bylaws don't pass, so be it, we didn't want to wait on what we had determined were necessary and inevitable firings until after the bylaws had been voted into approval because that would have been deceptive. We made the decision to terminate them now and give them the option to resign or undergo the full investigation. We have a higher value on being men of integrity than playing politics to swing a vote in our favor.

It would be in the interest of full-disclosure for members of the EIT to discuss what they found in their investigation, how long the investigation took, and how it was conducted.  Munson's role and that of Scott Thomas in the 2007 termination process have been discussed earlier in this set of tagged posts.  Kraft was part of the EIT headed by Scott Thomas.  Precisely what he said or did (if anything) is unknown.

Kraft is, however, still listed on the Mars Hill pastors listing.  He's a pastor at Mars Hill Orange County.  He's also written a few things here and there such as this piece about "The Offended Brother".  That particular piece was addressed by The Wartburg Watch in late December 2012.

Since Jamie Munson said they wanted to make sure everyone has been full of integrity, walking in the light, under full disclosure and in a decisive manner than some public discussion of things from that period.  Kraft, as part of the EIT alongside Scott Thomas, Gary Shavey, and Steve Tompkins will keep having opportunities to discuss what the evidence from his investigation into allegations against Meyer and Petry for what conclusions for as long as there's a Mars Hill Church, maybe longer.


Anonymous said...

Dave Kraft did nto attend the trial of Paul Petry. He submitted his guilty vote prior to the trial. So much for a just outcome.

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

If so then let's keep in mind Scott Thomas informed Paul Petry the vote at the trial would be by a show of hands. How someone can vote by show of hands before the trial has happened raises yet another question about procedure.

As a member of the EIT that was said to have collected evidence and observations Kraft should be in an ideal position to explain on record why Munson's statement that the firings of Meyer and Petry were inevitable and necessary could be backed up. And, unlike Scott Thomas, Kraft didn't drop from being listed as a pastor at Mars Hill mere weeks after Joyful Exiles went up. Anyone who is a member of Mars Hill could theoretically field a question to Dave Kraft now as to what the evidence against Petry and Meyer was.

Anonymous said...

Look into Dave Kraft again. Looks like he left Mars Hill sometime around Sept. 2013 following Nick Borgardus and Kyle Firstenberg.

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

it may take a while but that can be done. Things are busy enough that a short season of conspicuously recycled material has been the order of the season. :)