Sunday, August 11, 2013

where are they now? Mars Hill pastors from 2007 and what they're up to now, part 1 Jamie Munson

Those familiar with Joyful Exiles may know the basic story and know of the detailed documentation.  What may not be so readily remembered was who was in the leadership scene at the time.  What has happened to those men since 2007?  Well, setting aside gigachurch pastor Mark Driscoll, who has kept us up to date via his blog, tweets, instagram and sermons, what about those other guys?

Let's start with the executive set

1. Jamie Munson
Currently co-president of Storyville Coffee with a 5 percent ownership of a company 90% owned by Jon Phelps (president of DC-3 Entertainment and co-credited with Mark Driscoll on "reverse-engineering your life").

In his LinkedIn profile (at least currently) Munson describes himself as having been Executive Pastor from 1999 to 2011
Born and raised in the state of Montana, Pastor Jamie came to Mars Hill as a 19-year-old non-Christian, not long after the church began. He met Jesus, got baptized, and after a stint in the corporate world, became the first Mars Hill intern in June 1999.

In chapter 6 of Confessions of a Reformission Rev (Mark Driscoll, Zondervan 2006) Mark Driscoll mentions that Jamie Munson became a pastor some time after the winter of 2002.  So there are different accounts as to when and how long Munson was in pastoral leadership or executive eldership. 
For those interested in a sample of Munson's work since he stopped being paid staff at Mars Hill (he's still a pastor at Mars Hill Downtown at the moment), here's "You Can't Teach Hustle".

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