Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dan has posts at City of God (sometimes) and here's a link to one--evangelicals on Truth and evangelicals with personal testimonies

He's not nearly as prolific in volume or frequency these days but Dan Gouge over at City of God does still write posts.  Here's an excerpt for your consideration:

The evangelical community that has made such a big deal about the threat of relativism and the importance of an eternal, unchanging, objective truth as a starting point possesses another key characteristic that is utterly contradictory: the centrality of personal testimony. This is especially the case in youth groups (and hence this is perhaps why twentysomethings and thirtysomethings are most affected by this return to older church forms). Almost any speaker at a church youth group in the 1990s-2000s, be it the regular youth pastor or some kind of guest speaker or one of the students themselves would, if given any length of time to talk, weave in a personal testimony of sorts. Most youth group kids likely had a better understanding of the personal conversion and faith story of their youth pastor than they did that pastor’s take on any number questions about theology or ecclesiology.

There's more but this is a fairly large excerpt from it.

Could write a bit about personal story and how it seems to be a Christianese thing but it isn't, really.  Everyone wants to hear somebody's story but the Christianese form of storytelling or testimony could be a topic for some other blog post ... if I cared enough to write that ... which ... just now ... I don't.

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