Saturday, August 17, 2013

Prepare for Mars Hill Church sites at Dallas, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Spokane (and Tacoma)

From Church Positions:
Executive Assistant to Lead Pastor - Bellevue
  • Executive Pastor - Dallas
  • Executive Pastor - Los Angeles
  • Executive Pastor - Phoenix
  • Executive Pastor - Spokane
  • Executive Pastor - Ongoing

  • The Chief Sales and Marketing Officer job listing is still up, for those interested in that role.

    There's also a Real Estate Finance Manager job opening.
    ... As a church, our ability to generate capital is one of our greatest bottlenecks in planting churches. The Real Estate Finance Manager will lead the charge in planning and executing the financial tools needed to support the movement of the Holy Spirit in our church. This is an incredibly unique opportunity, and as such it will require an incredibly unique disciple to carry this out. ...

    The role of the Real Estate Finance Manager is to manage and administrate the investment tools, drive investor relations, and continue to develop our ability to meet the increasing financial demands of church growth. This position reports directly to the Property & Development Director [WtH:  apparently that's currently Caleb Walters] and will work closely with both the Development Team and the Finance Department.

    There's a few other job leads (like ongoing listings for executive pastors at every campus but these job listings indicate upcoming sites that are slated to open.  There isn't a listing for Tacoma possibly because someone is already in mind, perhaps? 


    Anonymous said...

    "Investor relations"? Are they planning an IPO?

    What sort of church would possibly concern itself with such a thing as investor relations? I tremble for the elders and those under their so-called pastoral care.

    Anonymous said...

    Executive Pastor Qualifications:

    "Kingly" - yes, it really says that.

    Anonymous said...

    Someone was already hired for Tacoma.

    Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

    That seemed most likely, especially considering how long Jennings has been around.

    Anonymous said...

    Another MH staff transition: