Saturday, August 17, 2013

Studio Ghibli's hayao miyazaki has a new film coming out, The Wind Rises

Decades ago World War 2 was the subject of the bleak Grave of the Fireflies.  Now Hayao Miyazaki has tackled a fictionalized account of the creator of the famous Mitsubishi Zero.  Miyazaki's films have heretofore always addressed fantastic else-worlds rather than our own.  Miyazaki has always been, at heart, a very serious filmmaker and a storyteller in spite of his flights (literal and figurative) of fancy.  He's also no spring chicken and some policy changes in Japan and shifts in governance may have inspired him to be more blunt and direct.  There's a sense in which, the desires of movie critics withstanding, no art is ultimately subtle in the end, thus the artifice of art. 

This should be interesting and an advantage of living in the Emerald City is that no matter how limited the release this film may get (will Disney really give THIS film a nationwide screening in the US?) there will be a chance to see this in Seattle. 

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