Saturday, August 17, 2013

stuff at Cinemagogue

After a semi-hiatus James Harleman has a couple of posts on recent films over at Cinemagogue.  Wolverine finally gets a decent stand-alone movie that, ironically, ties everything to the X-Men trilogy that came before in terms of backstory.  Oh well, that's the thing about the X-Men franchise that is a strength or a weakness depending on who you ask.  I say it's a weakness but then that's just personal taste.  First Class was arguably the first and only X-Men film that WASN'T about Wolverine.  It was about Magneto and since Magneto's one of the persistently actually interesting characters in the franchise First Class was fun.  Not that McKellan wasn't always fun as Magneto ... just that we're often given the idea that we're supposed to sympathize with the heroes. 

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